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On 01-06-2014, and several other occassins, I was in the Walmart store at 12230 Montana Ave. in El Paso, Tx.

Tonight happens to be the final BCS game for college football. I dropped my $100 in Walmart purchasing several item including perscriptions. Once out in the car the wife and I discussed what we would have for dinner. Both of us suffering from the flu deciding to watch game and go back in Walmart and pick up an 8 piece chicken bucket.

This is not the first time and it certainly will not be last time this happens. We have created Walmart to be the one stop shop all store that none of us can live without. *** we even have taken pictures in the front of the store at the original walmart in Arkansas. I'm as much to blame as anyone for creating this empire for this now uncaring business.

Sam Walton never intended to be as ill mannered as Walmart employees are. Poor guy. Anyway we get to the deli counter and wait until someone strolls by and sees us. He said what can i get for you?

I said we'd like the 8 piece fried chicken. Now this is 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Not like it's late at night or first thing in the morning. We have no fried chicken but I can put some on for you and it will be ready in about 45 minutes.

No fried chicken at dinner time?? Why advertise it if you're not going to make it to sale. This same store is poorly managed, dirty, crammed packed with all the "stuff" Walmart thinks we should have but no chicken. The wife and I are taking our business to Albertsons.

Their chicken is always ready and if you have'nt tried it you need to. It's is tastier than Walmarts. The same price as Walmarts. The lines are shorter.

And Albertsons produce is far superior to Walmarts. You see we created this monster. We support this beast. Why in the world would Walmart need to have any customer service at all?

We're all hook on Walmart. And they know it. So all my complaining, all your complaining doesn't affect Walmart. They could give a big dam about any of us.

I guess I should have dropped this in the suggestion box at Walmart. I know I'll be there tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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i agree


No reason for the racist response a few replies back. As usual, your redneck racist comment isn't even related to the geographical location of the poster, but your perceived image of your racist beliefs - after all, fried chicken was mentioned in the post.

Did you even notice the post was from El Paso, Tx?


Yet nothing about Mexicans, or crossing the border! Wow, your slowing down.


Kudos to you! 8)


Wow. I wonder how many persons you caused getting the flu.

And this is why I spend very little time in large stores like WalMart or Target during flu season.

If you like Albertsons so much, then let WM know how disgusted you are with them by moving your $ to Albertsons.

Time and time again I hear people discussed with this-or-that, yet stand in the same line there complaining about.

FACT: You can get most prescriptions in 3-month quantities, and even shipped to you at your home. It's slightly cheaper.

FACT: Most fast foods have drive thru's for your convenience.

FACT: Fried chicken is not the best food when you have the flu. But then, you didn't say if it's a chest or stomach.

Still. Fried chicken when your sick! Yuch! FACT: You expect the deli to cook on your schedule and upset when they don't.

Yes, it wold be nice to have it right there. But do you really want 2-hour old fried chicken. You coudl have called ahead so a fresh order would be waiting for you. It amazes me that people want everything, every time, when they want it.

When they don't get it it's the stores fault!

Plan ahead. Shop at off-times, and call ahead and order so your fried chicken is waiting for you.


FACT: it’s disgusted, not “discussed.” Your argument is now invalid.


FACT: there also is no such thing as a stomach flu. There are viruses, but flu is a totally different thing.

Fried chicken is fine while having a flu. Also, there are many times that people have no choice but to go about normal business whilst suffering from illness.

Many people can’t afford or aren’t offered sick days and must go to work or school. It happens when there is no other choice.


First of all you must be black to make an issue because you did not get your fried chicken. That and you always go there for fried chicken.

Why do they advertize it, because they sell it. It takes time to make. Second dinner time is usually around 6-7 not four. So don't go around with the BS that you went at dinner time.

They usually sell chicken at certain times more than other times.

If there were leftovers from lunch you would be complaining about that. So next time go to KFC for your chicken, though when you have the flu this is one of the worst foods you can eat.


Who in the world has the flu and decides fried chicken is the best thing for dinner?


Symptoms of the flu, per Mayoclinic: Initially, the flu may seem like a common cold with a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. But colds usually develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come on suddenly.

And although a cold can be a nuisance, you usually feel much worse with the flu. Common signs and symptoms of the flu include: Fever over 100.4 F (38 C) Aching muscles Chills and sweats Headache Dry, persistent cough Fatigue and weakness Nasal congestion Sore throat I’d say deciding that ANYTHING that is already cooked for you is a great idea for dinner if you’re suffering from the flu. Remember, the flu is NOT a stomach virus.

Many people are mistaken about that. During the flu, you can eat pretty much whatever you feel like eating!


Four O'Clock in the afternoon isn't dinner time. I'm sure they would have plenty of it ready at the time of day most people would be thinking about something for dinner.

You and your wife were SUFFERING from the flu but felt good enough to be out running around. You are angry because they didn't have any fried chicken ready at 4:00 in the afternoon, so then you dream up several other complaints. I have always had real good customer service at my WalMart. Maybe the way you get treated is because of the way you act.

You know consideration is a two way street. Basically your complaint starts out sounding like you are a whiny little teenager.


“Four O'Clock in the afternoon isn't dinner time.” Try telling that to my sister, parents, and several other people I know! It’s a lot closer to dinner time than 3 or 8pm.

We’ve gotten FRESHLY FRIED chicken at our local Walmart at 8 pm.

We’ve also gotten it at 4 pm. Dinner time isn’t always just 5-7 pm.