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Everyone else: Target, Kohls, Belks have all posted their black friday sales ads. This is ridiculous!

Is walmart so behind that they no sales ads to post yet??? I guess everyone should shop the other stores first. We need to plan what and where we are getting our gifts online and in stores. I go out of town so I really have to plan as many many many others.

Apparently Walmart doesn't need our business.

Everyone should shop all the other stores first and if you run out of money forget Walmart. I hope they loose sales and remember we have other choices if they don't want to look after their customers

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Them taking forever to post black friday sales ads.

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What is truly "ridiculous" is you lemmings running right of the "black Friday" cliff.

Can I sell you a bridge in Brooklyn ?

I have a great deal on some Spanish prisoners.


I'm not even remotely interested in Christmas.

It's weeks away.

So go ahead and get sucked into the commercial quagmire of "black Fridays", "cyber Mondays", and whatever other gimmicks the commercial interests try to turn into a religious mantra.


All of you go and *** yourselves! All you can do is bitch and moan about these companies, while you are the reason for the poor service and product quality!!!

to Cheryl Wrightman #1391704

Exactly what does this have to do with Black Friday sale ads?


pay attention...their ad was out as of when you posted this review


"if you run out of money"

What ?

Sorry, I don't fall into the Commercial Christmas trap.

It's not about gifting.

We are blessed to have everything anyone could need already.


Does planning for Black Friday really take more than 2 weeks long? This just further proves my lost faith in humanity if people can't figure that out within an hour or two.


Who really gives a *** anymore? They will do fine without your business.

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