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wanted to purchase a pair of shoes in la habra store sale price $13.00, none in my size. went to santa fe springs store same shoes on sale there, but for $20.00 in my size asked if they would honor other stores sales price, was told no. I asked for explaination was told they do not compete against each other, how is this possible same store(walmart). I was given other unsatisfactory reasons that did not make sense. I reluctantly purchased shoes (as i needed them at the time) .

signed a very dissatisfied long time usually happy customer....

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To an *** like you nothing would make sense so why should they have to waste their time explaining their reasoning to someone who have the IQ of a toolbox.

By the shoes for $13 in the wrong size. Take them back to the Walmart that has your correct size and exchange for the correct size.

It might be a pain but at least you will not be discriminated against and made to pay a higher price just because they didn't have your size.

Different pricing at each store is unfair to the customer when it results in this kind of thing. :?

Thank you!

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445341

IT is up to the store manager and what they have in stock. The reason that the other store is full price is they sell well and people who can afford to(unlike yourself) are willing to pay the extra $7.



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