Brunswick, Maine
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I'm writing this with a number of former employees from Walmart store 1939, Brunswick,Maine 04011

We all wonder, why Assistant Manager LINDA WHITE, still able to work for your company, she been having relationship with multiple of employees, vendors, overnight crew, cashier, dept manager, who one was investigate,with the cellular and photos lab dept. manager at the time,also the one of the cleaning crew, why anything ever happen, how someone can destroyed, families along with the store integrity. I hope someone will read and do something about this big issues, its unbelievable and very disturbing.

Thank you,

Walmart employees and former employees

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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:eek lol walmart wore


Who Cares.


Since I am local to this store, I have been attempting to get a hold of this woman so she can know what is being posted about her on this site.


So she the Walmart bicycle. LOL


I agree with the commenter below. What business is it of yours?

And, if you aren't sure, because unless you were in the bedroom with then can you be 100% sure of what happened, you could be sued for defamation of character.


It isn't any of your business who anybody has sexual relations with or how many people. It isn't her fault, alone, if families get destroyed, she doesn't do it alone-----it does take two.

What did she do, reject you? Can you prove that several former employees are joining you in this complaint?

Nobody that matters at WalMart is going to see your complaint on this site.

You have to complain directly to their corporate office.