Greater London, England
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So in Walmart today I can't find anything on the shelves, but I can find plenty of suspicion which I hadn't experienced in awhile at Walmart in awhile. I mean literally followed throughout the store by somebody but they were pushing a cart and appeared to be shopping.

I know they have security wear plain clothes and try to act like shoppers to try to fool suspected thieves. Since I black that of course means I will be suspected before anyone else.

I should have asked him what he was doing but I tried to let it go the best I could. Still so mad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was treated the same way at my local Walmart in Ar. Thank you .

I feel better. I know how you feel, I will not go back.


I'm green so I get followed everywhere I go. It's really getting annoying.




Nice try racist, but I live in England and there are NO Walmarts here. Also, in England, security does not follow shoppers around stores, they have too many CCTV cameras, they don't have to. You should research better before you write any more troll complaints here you complete and utter piece of human excrement!


She was probably doing the review from her phone. I have had all sorts of far way places show up as my location on this site. I am an American, and I have had Toronto, Berlin, Tokyo and other places show up as my location.


I in Irving Texas foo. Don't know why it says Greater London, England but I ain't there.


another one who acts as if racism doesnt exist smh



Crackas acting like they know what racism is like. They don't have a clue!

They are the perps of racism on my people. They are the cause of my people's suffering and they think they have a clue.

They haven't the slightest. Narrow minded foos!


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The racist OP herself, "blackcrackfool" or whatever her name is this week.


Nope, probably a brotha or sista.


"Brotha or sista" as in the fellowship of the black skin foo.