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So I have only worked with the company slightly over 2 years so I will not purport to know everything there is to know about the company but I cant ell you from my observations as one of the educated people from the outside brought in to staff a store-in-an -urban-area, the education/achievement gap between um, pretty much everyone who works there, and the store manager or the pharmacists / pharmacy techs is a wide chasm. This sets the stage for the foundational reasons why All_Must_Then_Suffer.

Many myths abound in every WAlmart I have ever worked in even if I was there temporarily as one-day fill in help , but that nonetheless pervade every store on the map : the pharmacy department is the red-headed stepchild of every store. The rest of the staff think that the pharmacy is on easy-street and is free and isolated in its ivory tower of pills from the hubbub and riffraff that characterizes an average day on "the floor." False. We do about 200% of work and I'l explain why. According to protocol when pharmacy (or any department) is low on staff you page for help from adjoining departments which have surplus at that time.

During the best of times, this is rare, because there is a huge management incentive to under-staff the store manifesting in the form of 5-figure bonuses. Another reason this is true is the company itself is notoriously cheap when it comes to payroll and has set an entrenched philosophy of the absolute fewest amount of payrolll hours as humanly possible. Does this cut into patient safety when it comes to the pharmacy department, you ask? Why yes, it does, when 2 people are forced to do the work of 3, 4 or more sometimes, you better believe nobody is checking your script the amount of times they should be.

This is no fault of the pharmacy staff, either - think back to the last time you were in a long line in pharmacy. Besides the fat people on motorized scooters *** about ringing out $300 of food stamp groceries in the PHARMACY LINE taking up 10 extra minutes, you probably heard one or more pharmacy associates getting on the phone and paging for help or using a walkie to ask for help. Well, our pool of help is small because to even come back into a pharmacy you must be "HIPAA certified." and When the pharmacy manager asks the store manager to please certify more employees there is always an excuse why it is impossible or can't happen and we in pharmacy can't just do it ourselves, which is *** also. So, at any given time there are zero to maybe 1 or 2 max other people who qualify with HIPAA certification, are either not scheduled that day, helping someone else, gone, on break, lunch, etc.

Sometimes the pharmacist themselves comes and helps ring - please do not overlook the significance of when this happens. If you went to something as hard as medical school and educated yourself for a quarter million or more dollars and spent 8 years after high school minimum pursuing it, you probably wouldn't want to be a cashier after all that, either. plus you're the only person who can actually get the scripts done. More chance for error when pharmacist is ringing up some ***'s potato chips.

We often go to personnel, who walmart staffs almost unilaterally with the most arrogant, incompetent, condescending, lazy See You Next Tuesdays imaginable. Always old menopausal women, never nice, always very Trunchbull-esque. You tell them you need to open several job positions in pharmacy. If they dont scoff at you or roll their eyes or tell you to go away and say they actually are, make sure you check on this EVERY.DAY.

until you see it online yourself. They will lie or "forget" or any other imaginable reason why they didn't. Sad to say - HR and Store MAnagement is NOT there to help you...which say that back to yourselves, is terrible. Walmart employees' work ethic is only as good as the often *** neighborhood Walmarts build in.

When institutionalized multiple years of government dependence is the norm, don't expect people to put in 100%. Expect them to come in when they feel like it. Also you may hear things like "can you schedule me less hours because I need my food stamps and if I make under 300 dolla I get no food stamps." People actually will work the bare mninimum amount to scam the system however they can, and then just stop coming to work. That is for the ones who pass urine check and background check.

Case in point: I had one lovely young man call off 33 times in 45 days. Why was this allowed to happen, you ask? well - personnel is in charge of that. Now you see why.

In conclusion there's too many factors weighing employees down and not enough support or help to bring them up either from the store or the community. Be a little nicer the next time someone manages to irk out a smile at you there.

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