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I got off work late and went straight to the Batesville, Arkansas Walmart to fill a WIC voucher for my wife, who JUST had a child, JUST lost her workplace to a fire, and has been out of state because of the baby. This was the last day to use the check, but needless to say, we've been extremely busy.

They were out of a quart of milk that the WIC check required, so instead of 2% milk, I grabbed whole milk. Kroger and Piggly Wiggly have made the substitution before, so I didn't think anything about it. I finally got to the checkout counter at 11:40 pm. I told the cashier she'd need to get a manager or something to make the substitution.

10 minutes later, 2 managers (Alisha: Assistant Manager and Lynn: Co-Manager) show up and rudely tell me they can't do it. Then they tell me it's my fault and I should have been there sooner. What's more, is they held me there until it was too late to go to another store. Now my family is going without this food.

All over one QUART of milk.

Where is the accountability?

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I know our difficult it is with a newborn and mommy shouldn't have to be going to the store. I'm not surprised walmart was out of the wic required milk, many wic uses wait until the day before the wic card expires especially with milk so it will no go bad before it is used.

Since this complaint was posted over a year ago I suspect the hateful people below just wanted to show their cruel heartedness. They are ugly mean heartless people.

Enjoy your little one and my best to you, your wife and family. :)


You all are idiots. :(


You DID NOT JUST have a child. That comes after months of planning and growing.

So you knew it was coming and there should be preparation made. But you ignored this.

How can you let your family go hungry like this, because you can't find 5 minutes in your day to stop for food that you DON'T EVEN PAY FOR.


So where does the government get the money for WIC?


"The Problem"- Ok fine, then say that. I don't agree with his complaint either. It's not the stores fault you can't sub things in for WIC.

Does that make it alright for people to bash him for being on WIC and daring to have children? Absolutely not. His complaint is not legit IMO- but I don't know his life and would never dare to judge him for using WIC or for having a child.

Tasha- I don't understand what makes you think you can make these snap assumptions and have them be true, or judge a persons life decisions based on some tiny detail they mentioned. Also, he never said he was HAVING children, he indicated he had JUST had a child. How do you know he didn't run into financial trouble after the pregnancy occurred? How do you know he didn't have an unpreventable birth control failure? How is it your business at all who can have kids and who can't? If you would like to move to a fascist dictatorship that sterilizes "undesirable" members of society, go ahead. I prefer my democracy. My ovaries are my own, just as his genitals are his own.

I don't think it's the cash influx that makes a good parent- I think there are a lot of factors, but as long as a parent FINDS a way to provide for their child, what they make shouldn't be issue. This parent found a way by getting WIC. If WIC weren't a thing, perhaps the parent would have gone hungry and used that money to buy his/her child the needed food. Maybe they will be using the money they would have used for the WIC food for a safer more expensive car seat, or for a better school for the child. Just because you use WIC does NOT make you a bad parent. It doesn't even mean you can't feed your children. It means you have a difficult financial situation, and because of that and a new baby, the government will help you out and give you some food for baby.

If I gave you a free lunch because I made more than you, it wouldn't mean you couldn't afford lunch. It would mean I wanted to help you, even though you may very well have been able to buy your own lunch.


Kylie, You say some children wouldn't get enough milk if not for WIC. But you said people on WIC can afford to take care of their kids.


ok now my temper is going... for one just because u are on wic does not mean that u can not afford to take care of ur kids.

And i think that the ones that are attacking this man for using a wic check need to take a step back. do u know how many military familys are on WIC or welfare ??

Do u know how many children that would not get enough milk if it was not for WIC? It does not seem fair to attack a man that posted on the site because he can afford internet...how do u not know he didnt post from a friends house..where he went to borrow sum milk??


He said he was too busy to get the WIC used up but he has time to post on the internet about it.


Dude, everybody stop judging this guy about the WIC, okay? You don't know his life.

We get WIC people where I work, and they are always so embarassed, but it's not like the gov is giving them money... gov is giving them food to feed their baby. If they are willing to do it even tho most of them are super embarassed, they just need a little help. It's a few eggs, and a little produce for baby.

And who the he** are all of you to be judging other people's sex lives? You should be ashamed. He's married too! How do you know it was unprotected?

How do you know they don't need WIC since his wife's company just burnt down? Insurance would take a long time to reimburse for that. You all need to get off your high horse.

God forbid you ever have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, then you might find out what it's like to make a hard choice with no right answer. Or be human and make a mistake.


All of you people who have posted against what this HARD WORKING MAN! has spoke on is very ignorant and uneducated if you could (READ)...you would've read "I got off work late and went straight to the Batesville, Arkansas Walmart" Half of you who have posted I bet are in the unemployment line, welfare line, or calling someone for help.

True you can't substitute wic but some store do allow it. And for you azzwhypes! who commented about how many kids he have or has had it's clearly NONE of your bizz how many he has or is going to have!!! My question to you jerks how many are you mf's is going to take care of his kids or how many of you shytheads going to volunteer to change a pamper, fix a bottle, buy the kids first bike.

LOL you suckers are hillarious and petty.

Worry about your own trash eating, space takers, how would you feel to be treated that way? It's not the MILK he's tripping off of !!!IT WAS THE SERVICE!!!


WIC isn't actually an unemployment benefit, or solely income based. If you make a 100,000 a year and have a child under the age of five who has an eating disorder, you can get WIC.

Alot of people just abuse WIC. So whether or not she has a job, or can take of her kids, who knows.

The reason why they wouldn't just substitute the milk is because they could be fined up to and including losing their WIC liscense.

They have to follow the guidelines, WIC is a government funded program. Now they could have gave you the milk for free, and not charged it on your WIC, but then again that is up to the store and their policies


Tasha you are ignorant! Do you go to every post and attack the poster?? Get a life...I mean really....


Quit breeding. The world doesnt need more of your undereducated kind whining about how unfair the world is, when in reality, you never give it one thought as to if you could afford kids or not. People like you should be neutered and spad, you dont think ahead of the day you are in.

John N

Can't afford to buy milk, but apparently has the money for a computer with internet. Living on the dole and then wants sympathy. What a ***!!


So why are you having kids you can't take care of yourself? Not Walmarts problem.


Actually in arkansas you can't it's all or none. I've tried before. So that one quart of mil did cause him to loose all of it.


milk isnt food, and it was only a quart u were missing. U could have gotten the other things on the check.