Wal Mart Canada do not care about the safety of their customers nor do they care when they are injured by their own fault... My wife and myself were seriously injured at a quebec location and they had their insurance people put us off over and over until the time period lapsed and we could not take legal action against them in court... people need to be careful when shopping at wal mart's because they really don't care if you are injured or otherwise or what happens to their customers or if they have to suffer the rest of their lives.

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Any time an issue like this occurs, remember to "Have a paper trail" ...meaning, you probably should have visited a medical expert to document your injuries. This medical documentation is dated and your injuries validated.

The protocol for every physician, it that they notate how, when and where your injuries occurred. Also, before you left that store, you should have DEMANDED something in writing from the store manager on duty. It is this person RESPONSIBILITY to his employees as well as his customers, to have a SAFE ENVIRONMENT! - It’s the LAW!

- It is an OSHA issue! If this manager refused to give you a report as to your injuries occurring in his store – THEN you could have CALL 911 to send an ambulance to this store and treat your injuries their! NOW let’s see if Wal-Mart tries turning deaf-dumb and blind to serious issues as this one!
NEVER TRUST the other party - they will only look out for themselves.

Sorry you and your wife had to find this out the hard way. :sigh

Maybe they ran into a display on one of those little carts and got whiplash?


how were you injured?


This is what happens when you shop drunk, and we all know how you Canadians like your beer.


When I worked at Sam's club (walmart's ugly cousin)I was frequently reminded by management that we needed to clean up spills a.s.a.p. to avoid people getting hurt.

The primary reason was not people's welfare, it was litigation.

They didn't want a lawsuit on they're hands. They really don't care.


How does two adults get seriously hurt at Wal Mart? Come on people you need to start taking some responsibility for yourselves

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