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My vehicle was robbed in the handicapped parking right out the main entry in broad daylight. The camera was right on the thief but he left the parking area.

This was on film and they don't even have the ability to zoom in with their camera. It took me 1 hour to talk to a Manager. They would not let me use the phone to call the police. They said the manager had to request the police.

Meanwhile the thief got away. I believe that when you walk into Wal-Mart you leave the USA behind and enter a third world country.

No offense to the ladies in management but when you achieve that Wal-Mart honor you change your ability to reason. I believe you sell your sole to the DEVIL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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The only one to blame for theft is the low life that is doing the stealing. You don't blame parents for children being abducted because you let them out of the house to walk to school.

A thief once broke 100 dollar car window to steal a 15 dollar 5 year old kraco radio. The only one to blame is dishonest worthless low life thieves.


No association with Walmart at all but honestly the fault is yours for leaving the stuff in your car. Yes, I've done it too & guess what......once I had a laptop stolen from my car & the car window smashed that i had to pay to replace.

You know who I blamed for that? Myself, for making the mistake of being in a rush & leaving my valuables to tempt the thieves.

Most standard CCTV camera's cannot zoom, this is nothing unusual. They are more there as a deterrent rather that to perform some crazy 'CSI style' i.d of a thief.

If you didn't want to wait for the manager to call the police they couldn't have stopped you using a public phone or your cell phone so why not do that?

Sorry about your loss but the best lesson you can take from this is to chalk it up to experience don't do it again


Like the people bashing have never just left something in a car when they had to run into a store for a quick second. We are humans and everyone makes mistakes such as forgetting to lock the car or leaving valuables in the car.

It still doesn't help the sad excuse of Walmart and how they run their sad business. Not sure what the low blow comments are about weather he had a handicap sticker or not but rest assured if he didn't that little security guy would have had the police out to write him a ticket... sorry for your loss.

Don't listen to these thread bashing people as they are probably managers at Walmart who have treated people like this many, many times. Hope they catch the guy since Walmart enables this type of behavior due to there lack of caring for the very people who made them rich!


I believe everyone saying "It's your fault" Is absolutely full of it, We should not have to worry about items getting stolen IN BROAD DAYLIGHT,in the most populated area, RIGHT UP FRONT, Now granted he shouldn't have left the items in the vehicle, But Walmart is still at fault for this, What is the point of the cameras? So they can watch us on thier breaks....No the camera's are to spot criminals, And well quite frankly they are doing a terrible job, Walmart is a multimillion dollar company, You would think they would invest a little more money into their costumers to buy camera that can actually ZOOM IN. After all, We the costumers are why walmart is so successful, Return the favor....


I must also mention that I am suing Walmart because the store was supposed to be watching my stuff to begin with. If I accidently leave something valuable in my car then the employees are supposed to stop what they are doing and watch my stuff that I irresponsibly left in my car for anyone's taking.


20 years ago I was parked right next to the garden department my 10 year old son was standing next to the truck in the truck was a gas *** eater, a messcan drove up jumped out grabbed the *** eater and drove off right in front of customers my son etc..they got his licensed plate he had a record our son identified him and we never heard anything else in regards to the case. Thieves are opportunist and if they see something they want they take it, it doesn't matter when or where.


I understand your frustration, but walmart is a massive corporation and that means the likely hood of a "cover our ***" policy that sucks in real world situations is increased. These are policies the employees have to follow, else they might loose their jobs.

you can contact walmart about the managers must call cops no-one else" policy.

most security camera's can't "zoom in" they simply aren't designed to do so, they're designed to get as wide a view as possible, cover surface area, basically.

Realistically the guy would have gotten away while you were on the phone to the cops anyway. I hope your belongings find their way back to you eventually, or at least that the guy gets caught.

I suggest following the advice already laid out in the comments below. Hide your valuables as well as you can so thieves might no bother breaking in. I actually try to make my car look "like a poor person's car" messy, old and less cared for to further deter thieves.


I know, I mean it is not like there aren't pay phones outside that I can use to dial 911 for free. But I am to ignorant and *** to get that.


This is not Walmart's fault this is your's. Common sense should tell you not to leave your valuables in your car while you are out in public.

I'm sorry Walmart was not in a hurry to take care of your irresponsibility. They have hundreds of other customers with real issues to take care of.


Walmart Clerk #1.


Why did you leave your phone and purse in your car when you went in? You shouldn't expect sympathy from other people when you do something ***. Walmart is NOT at fault, YOU are!

@Yey no sympathy from me either

Walmart Clerk#2


That is if they even had a handicapped parking sticker. A lot of people park in those places that don't have the right to park there. At least if you are going to leave things in a car, put them in the trunk, where everybody can't see them.


Walmart Clerk#3


Zoom in? Real life isn't a cop show where they enhance video and have a bunch of neat gadgets.

Where is your personal responsibility for leaving a purse and phone in your car? I am concerned that a handicap sticker may have changed your ability to reason!

@real world

Best of walmart clerks lol.......