Trenton, New Jersey

Yes, I was niave to take a position as a cashier for Walmart due to desperation. Was I ever wrong to take the job.

They scheduled me whenever they want me to when I was told they will work with your availability. My availability has changed and tonight I got nothing but a *** run around that they couldn't help me with my schedule. I told them that I quit and I will never shop or re-apply to their store again. I hope the Waltons and the executives can burn in *** for treating their employees like Chinese slaves.

Beware for those potential hires..They may say they will work with you and are accomidating and be all nice to you. When you sign that paper and start working for prepared to work like a slave and have your demands ignored..Personally, I would work in a factory than this retail ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Welcome to the real world where YOU schedule YOUR life around your JOB. Change your diaper and get to work.


MrsLea01, you don't have a husband at home office. you're a psycho, get over yourself.

working at the Walmart near you is probably the hardest Walmart to work at with your crazy *** walking in there every day.

so Lea, how does it feel to be a drug and husband abuser? you're sick.


"2. Helping run a department in one of the largest corporations in the world is very hard work. Rining people up and stocking shelves isn't."

And neither is cooking, cleaning and running errands so your point being?


1. My husband isn't the janitor for the one millionth time


Helping run a department in one of the largest corporations in the world is very hard work. Rining people up and stocking shelves isn't.


Okay those are not hard work. There is a difference between a hard work and a hard worker.

Even an eight year old knows the difference. Being a cashier and stocker is not hard, but dealing with arrogant b*tches such as yourself who think the world revolves around them because their husband is a home office janitor is what makes their work hard.


Whatever the fact is they work much harder than your husband. You think you work hard, well housewife is not hard work.

Cooking is not hard work, cleaning is not hard work. Running errands is not hard work. A ten year old can do that. A ten year old can also learn the world does not revolve around them and is too old to throw a temper tantrum when they don't get their way.

Maybe one day you too will be that mature? Then again maybe not.


MrsLea01 couldn't find a jar of pickles - looks like a 10 year old CAN'T do that.


The OP is obviously going to school and trying to make something of her life so she won't be stuck stocking pickles and TV dinners at age 40.

Can't say the same for many of the workers at WM.


Oh really Jedi??

Ringing people up and putting their purchases into bags is such hard work?? Stocking things onto shelves is such hard work?? Answering customer inquiries is such hard work??

A 10 year old could do that stuff.


Lol! Maybe I'll start demanding my employer cater to my schedule.


Well he does not work as hard as the cashiers and other employees whom you like to abuse while telling everyone who he is.


Oh really, Jedi? Running a department at the home office of WM stores is sitting around doing nothing all day??


Guess again, she had good availability when she joined the company and then changed it to suit her and is angry they did not agree to it. Even if it did work as she claimed it is because of people like your husband who are paid to sit on their *** all day while other' work like "slaves" as she said.

Your husband gets paid big bucks to sit on his *** nine hours a day while people like her have to work.

That is what she is complaining about. To the OP, if this is the case you should know people like Mrslea's husband sit on their *** 9 hours a day, get paid big bucks while you get nothing.


Actually Mr. Self-righteous Jedi, she took the job with them promising to work around her schedule. They shouldn't promise something like that and then turn their back on her once she starts working there.


Oh, MrLea001 I see you have been to Germany again. Did you bring anything back for your janitor husband?


If you want to work than you have to work by the hours they give you, not when it is convenient for you. Maybe in a few years when you are more mature you can try getting another type of job.

Your whole attitude is that of a five year old. You were expected to work, it is not called Slavery it is called work. If you cannot handle it than maybe you are not mature enough to have a job. You would not last long in a factory.

You can't just come and work when you please you have to come when they need you. Also that whole burn in *** statement just shows what kind of character you have.

Frankly they are glad that you won't be shopping or working there every again. I am sure more than one of your co workers are happy to see your backside.


MrsLea from wherever, DE. STOP STEALING MY USERNAME!!

To the OP, Sam and Helen Walton is dead and no one in the Walton family runs Walmart.

Sam would roll over in his grave at the state Walmart has become since he died.


My husband Bernie works at the Wal-Mart Home Office. They were right to get rid of you - you complain too much.

Everyone at Wal-Mart complains too much.

People like my husband at the main office get to work good hours because they are better than you and so am I. Good luck finding a job at McDonalds or Burger King if you coldn't handle Wal-Mart.