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Purchased two (2) Ematic FunTab 2's on Dec. 5th at for my children for christmas.

The items arrived on time even early. On of the tablets only worked for about 3 hours and then froze on the load screen. After a little research I found that it is defective. I got the tablets on sale 59.99 each.

I called walmart and was told they could not replace them because there was a $40 difference in price now. Steve cited their holiday return policy as the reason. No where in the return policy does it state anything about price change for exchange and when I called back Earnest conformed this for me.

The only thing walmart will do is return the product refund me my purchase price of 59.99 and I would have to buy another one at 104.78. Walmart should stand by their products and fix problems so I filed a complaint with the BBB.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: replace the product or refund the current price of 104.78 so I can purchase another one..

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Lack of stock, Management.

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Your complaint may go nowhere because Walmart is not refusing to give you your money back. Also, can have different prices.

Prices can vary.


Actually the reason Walmart is saying that they won`t give the replacement was because my son dropped the Funtab 2 and it stopped working despite me telling him not to. The manager suspected that it was dropped and asked my ten year old son who confirmed it was dropped.

I wanted to smack him and make him pay the difference for disobeying my orders. Then they said they could not exchange it because of the price difference. They also made the excuse that since I did not have the receipt that I had to pay an extra $40 since that is the new price if I wanted to exchange it. The main reason was because my son accidentally dropped it.

It worked fine until my son dropped it. The point is it should not have broken when my son dropped it. It is advertised as Kid safe, this is false advertising. Why are you defending Walmart.

I bet you are an employee. Well your store sold me a defective product and are refusing to replace it. I know walmart is not the one that did the false advertising, it is the company that made the Funtab 2 but still.

I asked my son why he told the manager that he dropped it when I asked him not to, he said he was scared of the manager if he lied. The manager just likes to mistreat customers and make children scared.


It is really funny how people forget to tell the whole truth in the review and make it seem like they were wronged. One would think your son is more frightened of you than the manager.


I'm not an employee just because I have stated the facts. That's not false advertisement.

It's common sense that if something is dropped then it can break. You have no case. After lying, go to the BBB.

I dare you. See what happens to your "good" reputation.