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I spent alot of money at WalMart about $8,000 + yearly but not since they screwed me by not repairing my freshly painted Cadillac CTS after it was hit by two of thier shopping carts on the windest day of the year. I came out of the store and thought my car was involved in a hit an run but they viewed thier security video and told me it was thier shopping carts that did the damage.

The managers came out took pictures ,gave me forms to fill out and two weeks later I heard from thier very rude insurance rep named Peggy and she said it was not Wal Marts fault TUFF LUCK.I told her the Managers said it was and all this woman wanted was a fight. Horrible experience and very Poor management at the Danville Illinois store. My family and friends all shop at other stores now and WILL NEVER GO BACK. WalMart don,t get our yearly $40,000 to $50,000 dollars a year anymore and all because they would,nt own up to thier carts causing damage to a loyal 8 year customers car.

Thee most rotten company in the world. DANVILLE ILLINOIS STORE....

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #714780

Thier property ,thier carts, thier responsibly ...Danville Illinois store management sucks I agree...As does WalMart in general...Thank God Mejers is opening up a new store in Danville Illinois Nov 2013 alot more upscale...then low class WalMart!!!


I would imagine this would fall under any sort of weather related instances for insurance, but then again, insurance companies can have their ways. Wal-Mart has cart-wells for their carts, why should they be responsible for any carts customers do not put away or put away properly?


Blame the wind...not the store.


You cannot hold Walmart responsible for circumstances that are outside of their control. You run the risk of damaging your car everytime you park in any store's parking lot.

Unless a Walmart employee purposefully or negigently damaged your vehicle, it is not the store's fault. You cannot hold them responsible for an "act of God".

to Anonymous Marina Del Rey, California, United States #711393

Not thier fualt huh..Well when you have 2 managers outside with you and carts are coming at you at full speed ,blowing all over the place thats poor management. They even told me they should get employees out here.

All the other stores around this bad buisness had employees watching for this problem.

So when it happens to you,don,t cry me a river either and I do hope it happens to you so then you,ll know how it feels to dish out $500 to your insurance company to get it repaired. That is if you even have insurance.

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