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About 6 to 8 weeks ago, My mom bought a Linksys router and usb card for me. I was wanting a wireless G router for my computers.

I didn't know she did this until I was going through her belongings after she died on Oct 10, 2009 and found the gifts signed to me. Right then I was happy to have a last memento from my mother after her death. But they are defective. They will not stay connected long enough to work.

The wireless ability on the router was not working correctly. So I tried to bring them back to walmart to exchange them for a different brand as linksys is pretty much junk anyways. But I was not able to, They said if I exchanged them for the same thing I can do it. But they did not have the same router.

It was a newer router. But yet it was the same thing just looked different. And then when i brought them back up to the the counter they decided not to exchange them. That I needed the receipt and all the information that only my mother would know.

I told them she was dead. And she was the one that knew about the information needed. And that all I wanted was working items. Not defective ones.

Now my moms gift has been tainted by this lousy store and I am now stuck with garbage electronics. I will not go back to this store. I am bring all of my business to Kmart. And I am going to make sure that everyone in my life knows about this.

And I will spread the word to all the customers I help at my place of employment that averages to about 500 a day. I will make sure I at least let people know how low and worthless the customer satisfaction and products are. And that they don;t care that there customers aren't happy or if the product works. They just care that they get there money.

I am stuck with a junk product that cost my mom over $70 dollars.

I can not use it.Because of there lousy customer service and lack of help. My moms last gift to me was turned into garbage and bad thoughts and hurt.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #174908

lol good one tasha


It's disrespectful loser like you that make this world a diseased ridden place to live. Being the person that you are, I am surprise you haven't committed suicide over the waste of life you are.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #174478

WEell dig your mother from the grave and see if the recepit is in her pocket. She obviusly knew she was going to die and most likely killed herself having to deal with you everyday.

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