Toronto, Ontario
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Since I moved to Springdale AK I have not heard from my sister, we email each other but we have not heard each others voices. I told my sister that I would be shopping at the Springdale AK Walmart around 7 and 8 to call me there.

I asked her to have me paged. I had recently lost a cell phone. I later got an email from my sister saying that they refused to allow personal calls. I went back to the store wasting gas and complained.

They told me they don't care if my husband works at home office that they are not allowed to use the phone for personal calls. I told her the manager that my husband is his boss and he would be hearing about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I am sorry, Jedi. I am at great disadvantage here.

I have not purposely followed nor engaged in this posting, and am truly not interested in having communications in any postings by MrsLea. In my opinion, they are not legitimate complaints, and do not require any further discussion.

If I stumbled onto a site posted by her, it was merely accidental.

If you were addressing Anonymous from Mississippi, please don't include me in this debate.

Thank you. :)



The reason she does not ask her sister to call the neighbours is like in the 18 other reviews that she wrote. She thinks she is better than the other customers because her husband works at home office.

In one review she threatened to have an associate fired. He was on his lunch break if he did not help her while off the clock despite the fact that she knows it is illegal for him to work off the clock. She bragged about where her husband worked and threatened to have him fire her if he did not help. Then she threw a big temper tantrum another day when they refused to give her the patio set on sale when the sale ended a few days ago.

She got her husband who works at home office to pull some strings and use his power to bully them into breaking the rules. We think that her husband is made up, however I have sent all her reviews to home office in Bentonville AK and if her husband is real he soon won't have a job for using his position to break the rules.


it's hard to remember what the original post was about when MsLea makes a new fake story every day.


all i can say is WOW!!!! the comments on here made me forget what we are talking about


I am not a big fan of Walmart but I can understand not wanting people to receive personal phone calls there. Any business for that matter. Could you imagine if half the people that shop at Walmart started having personal phone calls come in?

I work in a Dept store and we have only two lines.

If there was an emergency we would allow someone to call from our store. We would not like to have people calling in for other customers.

Just because your husband works in the home office doesn't give you any privileges. I'm sure his coworkers wouldn't appreciate you getting any special treatment.

Do you have neighbors? Ask one of them if she could call their house.

Better yet buy a pay as you go phone and only use it for chatting with Sis.


Now she is complaining about not being able to fit through the doors at Mcdonalds.


MrsLea is a psychopath, plain and simple.


Like I told you a few days ago that is all circumstantial evidence and you have no proof of it being me, just like you have no proof that Ihatedumbcustomers is impersonating you. It is all circumstantial evidence. It is the same as us assuming that you and blackdoutcrack are the same person because you are from the same state, city ect.


I am in SPRINGDALE, AR. If it doesn't say Springdale, it isn't me.


OMG Hollins, the OP is NOT me for the one millionth time. Take a look at the location.

The location is Toronto, Ontario, Canada(same location as Jedi Knight Ethan). It is someone(probably Jedi)stealing my username(once again)and making a false statement pretending to be me.


I JUST WANT TO KNOW ONETHING?ARE YOU REALLY CRAZY ARE , DO YOU NOT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME.I fell to believe that you have a husband.And in case you really do,Something has to be wrong with your husband to have married you in the first place.This site is for honest complaint's.Not for a *** *** like yourself.PISSED CONSUMER'S SHOULD BAR YOU OFF OF THIS SITE.BAD BUSINESS.WALMART DOES NOT NEED YOUR MONEY OR YOU MAKING THEM LOOK BAD.I CANNOT BELIEVE PISSED COMSUMER'S ALLOW THIS TYPE OF *** ON THIS SITE.FIND SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE.STOP BOTHERING PEOPLE WITH THIS TYPE OF ***.I have had enough of this *** out of you.*** *** Fool.


You are aware that Mrslea Is infact Jedi Knight ethan? I just thought I would point that out.

Ethan-Mrslea suffers from what the old timers call split personality. Dont blame him its not his fault.

He has many faces. MrsLea, Jedi Knight ethan, A 12 year old boy, Cab driver, Madam, Plumber, mafia informant, priest, chicken farmer, and last but not least a 32 year old out of work mommies boy!



Toronto, ON


Obviously this is you Jedi Knight copying my username and pretending to be me.

And you are obviously blackdontcrack since you are both from Springdale AK.


I don't care what anyone says, MrsLea is beyond nuts. as for the guy from New York, I sure hope Ethan lives with his mom.

I might not know him personally but he says he's 12. which is the age that people like anonymous go after. he finds that post funny but somehow doesn't find the posts about MrsLea funny.

I honestly crack up with how crazy they get. I mean if people like anonymous are seriously sitting there pissed off because of people then they've got more problems than I originally thought.


S T U P I D post :upset :upset :x :x :x (Although I do like NY Jedi's evaluation!)


Omg seriously? Thats your complaint?

Lady why the *** are you still out loose int the general public. Someone needs to have you committed.


Hello everyone, I thought I would introduce myself! My name is Ethan and I am 32 years old.

I live with my mom in her basement. I work delivering newspapers in the early morning and collect cans until about 2. Then I come home and my mommy feeds me and then I spend the next 9 hours on Pissed off spreading lies and posting garbage about others. I feel no shame for this because I was abused as a teen by a harry woman named Mrslea.

This is like a fantasy for me because I have a captive audiance and at least someone pays attention to me. I am really too *** to shut up. I am also a well known *** in my neighborhood. If anyone is interested I am 5'9" 314 #s.

Just send me a complaint and I'll get back to you. Oh my interests? Gaming,fast food,and pissed off consumer . com....

Oh OH and wait making up stuff about walmart! thats the best since they canned me for stealing video games and eating from the deli.

No humor those managers! WALMART INFIDELS!!!!!!


They should have kept you in jail.


My husband will hear about this. I demand satisfaction every time I walk into any store, restaurant, or amusement park.

In fact, I went to Six Flags yesterday and the 17 year-old punk ride operator would not let me on the roller coaster. He said that the weight limit is 250 pounds!! How would he know my weight if he didn't even weigh me. I will be suing Six Flags for being so mean to me and hurting my feelings.

It gets even worse - I was driving on a road and guess what appears - A TOLL BOOTH! I didn't have any money on me and the toll booth operator expected me to have money on me. I told him since it's not my fault I didn't know it was a toll road, he should let me go. After he refused to let me go, I ran over the toll gate and continued on my way.

BUT GUESS WHAT? The greasy snot ball toll booth operator called the Arkansas State Police on me and they arrested me. I told them this was a free country and I could be whatever I wanted and that my husband was a big-shot at Wal-Mart's main office. The office kept yelling "STOP RESISTING" at me and tased me. I had to call my husband to bail me out since they refused to let me have my bail for free.

Now I have a complaint about the jail. The warden REFUSED to let me leave the jail, even though I promised to be right back. You see, they don't allow Diet Coke in jail so all I wanted to do was to go to 7-11 and pick up a few cans. The warden called me an *** - HE HAS NO AUTHORITY TO CALL ME AN ***. All I wanted to do was to get a soda that they didn't have in jail.



Toronto, ON


Obviously this is you Jedi Knight copying my username and pretending to be me.