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Since I moved to Springdale AK I have not heard from my sister, we email each other but we have not heard each others voices. I told my sister that I would be shopping at the Springdale AK Walmart around 7 and 8 to call me there.

I asked her to have me paged. I had recently lost a cell phone. I later got an email from my sister saying that they refused to allow personal calls. I went back to the store wasting gas and complained.

They told me they don't care if my husband works at home office that they are not allowed to use the phone for personal calls. I told her the manager that my husband is his boss and he would be hearing about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Oh no! Not you again! Dont you have anything else to do with your time but make up asnine stories about Walmart?


you've gotta be kidding me! you're ridiculous!

you pretend to be a black woman that shouts racism when you're on your phone at the checkout line because the cashier didn't say hi to you. then you'd probably complain if she said hi to you because it interrupted your conversation.

NOW you think you can use Walmart's phones as your personal landline phone?? you're a sick woman and your sister is probably just as dumb as you.


Now before TheOneAndOnly goes around claiming she "never" posted this. Remember you can post under someone else's username when posting comments but when you post a review you cannot duplicate usernames. So no matter what he location says this was posted by our well beloved psycho.