Windber, Pennsylvania

I return a lot of things to my local Walmart and never had any problems till yesterday morning. I got to my store around 9:30 am.

Their was a manager at the service desk named Deb checking out customers. When Deb got to me i told her i wanted to return a couple of

items but i didn't have my receipt. She asked if i had my id and i said yes. After she had rung up my items she said asked another

manager if she could proceed. The manager named Misty said no because she said it was over one hunderd dollers. I then asked if i

could return some of the items and i was told no again because the items all come into the store together. I feel that i am being

treated as a theif because i am a young guy and wear baggy pants. I am not a theif and i had went to college so i'm not dumb. I

diserve to be treated better than this and i want my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I agree with you . I left Walmart in tears .

I am trying to put two kids though college and i have a eleven year old . I was treated like a thief.


Being a service desk associate I wouldn't except it either and let me tell you why.

ANYTHING above $50 supervisor needs to approve. Above $100 management needs to approve.

You having no receipt for $100 sounds pretty sketchy. Who doesn't know for a $100 stuff you need a receipt.

I would straight tell you no and to have a nice day. :)


First of all, you all need to go back to training and learn your own return policy. Under Walmart policy, it states you can return an item without a receipt and get your money back as cash or on a gift card if its under $25 and if it's over then you get it back on a gift card.

Policy states no max limit therefore you guys are making up policy that dont exist. You all need to put your feeling's out of it and do your jobs and abide by policy.

You guys acting like it's your money and your store. More people need to complain to headquarters and stop this injustice and discrimination because this happens way to often to loyal customers.


You are not treated like a thief because of what you are wearing, it is because you had no receipt. Next time after you make an expensive purchase give the receipt directly to an adult so that you don`t have this issue again. With grammar like that I doubt you went to college so tell us another one.


Maybe it is time you stop buying so much stuff that you are not sure you want. Returns should be a once in a blue moon thing. Most people make sure they get the stuff they want before they purchase it.


Walmart has a $75 limit on returns without a receipt. They use your id to keep track of it and you can only return so much $ value stuff in a year. It's ***, but it is a nation wide policy.


well to be honest your story sounds pretty shady. $100 worth of merchandise and you didn't think it important to keep the sales slip.

that's pretty sloppy consumerism for a collage man, and don't tell me community college because that doesn't cut it. you shouldn't diss the type of place you will likely be working in with your ghetto clothes and terrible spelling.


Your spelling indicates that you have not been to college.


Only thugs wear baggy pants.


I admit some of the things I tried too return I bought at a pawn shop but they looked new enough so I tryed to return them at Walmart. The manager fond out that I didn't get these items from Walmart now Im baned from returning anything at Walmart. That is totally bs.


well you just admitted that you bought the items at a pawn shop. this is called fraud and that makes YOU full of bs and a horrible person. YOU are the reason stores makes policies that makes things difficult for honest customers.


If you want your money back, bring in the receipt. Without the receipt they have no way of knowing that the items were paid for.

Why would you have so many items without a receipt?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the items may have been stolen. Too bad they don't teach common sense in college/


You're right. I'm sure nobody that has went to college has EVER stolen anything.

BTW, I'm surprised someone with your spelling and grammar was able to even GET into college.


To both of you:

I have a degree from college and a felony, so it can be done. Also, if you want to use the word ;went' in your sentence please don't put the words 'have or has' before it.

It's just not right. If you really need to use the word 'has' then the word to follow is 'gone'.


Who returns $100 worth of merchandise and expects the store to take it all back...WITHOUT A RECEIPT? You need to find a hobby other than returning stuff to Wal-Mart.


Only a scammer would try to return something without a receipt. he is pissed they did not give him money for nothing. Why does he need to scam and lie for free things, most likely to pay for his crack habit.


" i had went to college" - What year did you graduate from Clown College?


If you are claiming that you attended college, I think you missed a few days of English 101.


What so you can spell every single word in the world perfectly?

John N

You are also not a spelling wizard. Thief is not spelled theif.