Center Point, Alabama
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I was sent for the drug test and passed it, was then told to wait for my background check to come back. It came back squeaky clean and yet I was told I wouldn't be getting hired?

What the ***? I have a child on the way, bills stacking up, an IQ of over 170 and I'm not good enough for some soulless conglomerate? I think this should be illegal considering the fact that I was denied employment for absolutely no reason.

It just doesn't make sense to have gone through all the steps and jumped through all of their hoops to be turned down for literally nothing. Don't shop at wally world.

Reason of review: Your shitty hiring process..

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I heard there's some "cultural preferences" in some of the Walmarts. So if you're white and a majority of the employees are brown, you're basically out of luck and may be looked down upon. Not saying that's your situation, but I have heard horror stories like this.


Maybe he wasn't hired because he's a pathological liar, hence mentioning an Intelligence Quotient of 170. There's no way anyone with an IQ that high makes the poor life decisions that force him/her to apply for a job at Walmart. Also, only like 2% of people have an IQ over 130, so really, what are the chances?


damn you didn't have to do him, like that :)


Well perhaps the person that they hired had an IQ of 180 or even 175. I heard in the US two people wanted a job as a janitor at Mcdonalds.

One graduated with honours from Harvard, the other from Princeton with honours as well. They hired the one from Harvard since his school is more academic.


well youre all *** they clearly stated in opinionated fashion, that they think this "should" be illegal. ***' ***'. lol'd


Perhaps your available hours didn't match their needs. Maybe you worked at a union job in the past.

Non-union employers often avoid hiring people that have been in a union.

Could be the openings they had didn't meet the pay requirements you listed. They may have had better qualified applicants for the position....the list goes on and on, there was a reason you didn't get hired.


did not work for a union at any point and my availability was full open 12 am - 12 am.


170 IQ and applying at walmart????? Rightttttttttttttt


Some people just need jobs. Any jobs. Don't doubt them just because they're smart.


"I think this should be illegal considering the fact that I was denied employment for absolutely no reason."

obviously there was a reason

First B

They don't even need to give a reason to deny a job to someone, and like you said I am pretty sure there was a reason, most likely his arrogant attitude.

@First B

yup. because as a person in a position to interview and give the initial yes or no...i do not have to give you the reason i don't advance you in the hiring process...and sometimes its for something really petty.


Or, maybe the interviewer themself is an egocentric on a high horse with an attitude problem.. There's plenty of them around.

Not just arrogant applicants. Good and bad on both sides.


Well if they didn't hire him for apparently no reason, that's probably not a very good Walmart to work at to begin with. If an employer won't hire someone for no reason, they are probably an employer who will fire someone for no reason.

That Walmart may be one of those types of places. And if that's the case, such a company is best to be avoided like the plague.


Are you sure the 170 isn't your weight.

That thingy on the floor doesn't measure IQ's


He is positive otherwise it would say 400 or something.


You don't have an IQ over 170.

@IQ over 140



congratulations you escaped the walmart fate lol

it is possible it was because you are pregnant.


actually after reading some of your replies it is quite possible that they didn't hire you because they thought your IQ was too low for stacking shelves.

a retired lawyer and ex judge, hmm which mmo game were you playing before you got banned.