Try phoning in after applying for a job.I'm talking about someone who needs a job ASAP!

Customer service told me that Walmart keeps applications on file for 6 months and will call when they are hiring...AND that all companies do the same. That is complete BS!! I asked to speak with the person in charge of hiring. When told the people in charge of hiring were in a meeting I said, fine, when my son comes in to talk to this person, who does he talk to and where does he find them?

She said he has to make an appointment to talk to them. I said that's fine, when he comes in to make an appointment, where does he do this. She said, come to the back of the store in the layaway area and she herself would page the person to speak with me. The fact is, I don't like being snappy, but I had to in order to find out how to even speak with someone to find out if there is a remote possibility of my son being hired.

My telephone conversation with her was after several attempts by my son to find out from customer service at the Walmart store, who to talk to about a job, since he had submitted his application and resume several days ago.

The lady I spoke with was incredibly rude to me.It's a wonder Walmart has any employees and customers for that matter!!!!!


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You shoulda tried repeatedly slapping the hr manager untill he was hired. It literrly might have been more effective


Can't the "little boy" get a job by himself without his mama making a stink. No one wants to hire a person who has their mommy doing things for them. WAAAAAAAAA....mommy, they won't call me back re: my application..

Wait till this little guy tries to get a real job...ha,ha, :cry


It is all about being "Empowered to be Entitled. There thousands of folks willing to work the process to be hired. Does mama and little "Snookems", understand that the world does not revolve around them.


"Another angry parent," you had me at "My son.." :grin


Your son is not entitled to a job and the response that they are not hiring at the moment and will keep his application on file should be sufficient.

As an employer if I had a parent calling me, getting "snappy" and being pushy about her child's application I would not under any circumstance hire him. What this tells me as an employer is that your son is not mature enough to navigate the application process independently. If a person cannot even navigate applying for a job on their own, why would I expect them to be able to do a job on their own?


It took me several years, before they hired me. And I was shocked when they did.


How about the fact that the store probably receives 50 applicants or more every single day, do you think they can hire everyone that puts in an application. As a manager and person who hires potential employees, if I see mommy with an applicant, they are not getting hired.


As an employer, I would not hire him if he could not handle things himself.Mommy, you just embarrassed your son on the internet and to Walmart.

Would you pack his lunch for him too?

Maybe, call the store during his break to see if he is ok or if he needs anything?Make sure he ties his shoes!


First of All it sounds like you are a little bit hostile that might be one of the reason why you did not get the Job and Second of All I know Some Wal-Mart employees that Wal-Mart was their first job, So they don't just go by that.


RE: walmart employee

How exactly "do you "QUALIFY" working for walmart, especially if it is your first job?or even second?

where do you get qualifications from? where do they begin and where do they end? Does walmart ever hire any inexperienced people? isn't that how people start many of their first job/s with inexperience?

Isn't that why they are supposed to provide employee training?

of course it is easier for them to hire someone with a little more experience or training but it does not mean they should discriminate with it!especially when their application "do not say" "previous experince a must"...hmmmm

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