My son just turned 16 years old, and applied at Wal-Mart. He was so happy when they called him for an interview. He came home and told us he had the job. Next, he went in for the so-called orientation where they sent him for a drug test. He did it and passed. Then they had him fill out information for a background check so he did, and then he waited and waited and waited for them to call him to start work. He then got a copy of the background report in the mail with a clear background, nothing on it and called Wal-Mart to find out when he can start working. They told him to call the background place and give them permission to let Wal-Mart have the information, so he did, several times back and forth phone calls.

He received another background check. Finally, the background check company told him he didn't get the job and they sent him a turn down letter. He went to Wal-Mart and they said that is their policy. It turned out that when he filled out the paper work for the background check, they told him (while he believed he was an employee, an implied verbal contract by Wal-Mart) to put everything he ever did on the paper; if he got in trouble for anything, put it on the paper. He did get in trouble as a minor (he still is a minor) and the records are sealed, of only minor fractions of the laws, that of a misdemeanor. But he listed everything anytime he had a situation when the police were involved. They told him to put everything down because if they found something that he didn't put down, he would lose his job. And then when he was found clean with nothing on his record, they fired him or reversed the hiring because of what he had put down on the form.

I am so angry that this is Wal-Mart's policy, and I intend to make people aware of this policy, also to suggest people don't shop there anymore. Being a student in the College of Legal Studies at Kaplan University, I feel his civil rights have been violated as well as him being a minor and assumed Spanish but because of his background was discriminated against. This was his very first job, so it really sucks he went to such an awful place for employment, but the one who misses out is Wal-Mart. My son is a genius with computers, and is gifted as named by the schools for some extremely high scores (100%) on state tests; probably one of the hardest workers, biggest team player, and the least likely to steal. I don't think that Wal-Mart could have had a better employee, but now I know why they are always short on staff, who are overworked and treat customers like they are a burden, and have to lock everything up so no one can buy it, instead of a staff that is friendly and can help customers with questions, much less releasing the merchandise into a good paying customer's hands.

I can't tell you how much money they have lost because of the lock down of merchandise. Anyways, I don't shop at Wal-Mart anymore and I feel Americans should boycott a store that violates the civil rights of the American people especially its youth. When you are 16 years old, you can't have much of a background. Are they kidding me?

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I got fired almost 4 years ago from there. On my resignation it states excessive tardies and absentees.

I was 6 months pregnant. If i called out with an excuse it counted against you.They have a policy that states no one can miss no more than 6 days in a year. They looked at me as if i had a disesase being pregnant . I had been with walmart at that time 3 years strong.

I have not been able to get hired any where since then. They swear they have nothing to do with that. There should be a law that states former employers shouldn't be allowed to disclose anything negative aboutan employee, except their work history . They told me i was elgible for rehire, but have yet to hire me back..

Personel always say we can't pull your application and if you meet qualifications for a position then well call. That's bogus. I know for a fact certain managers have pulled applications for their favorite employees. I am a single mother of three who needs to work.

I just want a job, and i feel something is up with them , when they want even hire me back , but claim I'm eligible for rehire. I found. out that they would rather hire inexperienced workers with no work history than the ones who do have it.

They do this so they can pay minimum wage salaries . I ended at 9.25, i mean come on am i supposed to take less..I think not.

to Olivia67 Orange, California, United States #1002212

Quit using your pregnancy as an excuse, there was another reason you were fired. You are about to be a mother is this what you want to teach your child, to lie and make excuses instead of admitting fault?

to KevinRichards #1018174

This KevinRichards is miserable.. You can tell by how he replies to each situations..

You're unhappy in life I can tell.. Pray about leave it in God hands and let go. Lashing out at others because they expressing how they feel has nothing to do with you.. And yes your entitle to your opinion..

But keep in mind no one asked you for it either.. Just like no one ask me for mine.. But when I see a guy responding negative to every situation ..

Some wrong with that particular individual.. Don't take your frustration out on other because your unhappy.

to Anonymous #1021150

I am not miserable. I am just being honest.

to KevinRichards Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States #1200086

Dam b you think you know everything about everyone don't you

to KevinRichards #1542453

Don't blame Walmart for your problems. Retail in general is not a place for pregnant women to (or even try to) work full time through a pregnancy without some serious time off along the way. You should have applied for a leave of absence and should not expect special treatment from the policies as men get NO related considerations.

to Olivia67 #1002214

Also stop spreading your legs, do you even know who the children's daddy's are? The reason you are not being hired is because you are demanding and want more than what they are willing to pay you.

You worked there, had a bad work history, and I have a feeling that your holier than thou attitude has a lot to do with other companies not hiring you. Also if you cannot afford to feed your children stop spreading your legs.

to KevinRichards Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States #1200087

You honestly need a reality check and Jesus sir like who are you to be saying stuff like that to a woman you don't even know and how dare you speak to someone in such a manner


Oh and almost all the employees were foreigners who could barley or not at all speak English.

to ME Orange, California, United States #1002216

Learn proper comma usage before posting about the poor English of other people.

to KevinRichards #1098649

What a total dic**** you are. YOU are the perfect example of why abortion is and should be legal.

to Anonymous #1098943

I think you are quoting the wrong person, and abortion is legal. The person that should be aborted is the person Kevin quoted, that person's own English is poor.

to ME #1016180

They could barley speak English huh? We're they able to rye in french?

How about oat in German? Personally I like to triticale in Latin or even lentil in Gaelic.

to Anonymous #1018183

Your attempt at being clever is a complete failure!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #828834

I had almost the same thing happen to me. I did the interview, signed the papers stating what position I was being hired for and how much I would be paid, then I was sent to take a drug test and basically wait for my back round test to come in.

I waited a week then I called. They said they haven't got it in yet, another week and still haven't got it in yet. Finally another week passes and I call and they say I was rejected the job because of my back round. My back round consist of one misdemeanor from when I was 17 (I was 22 when I applied) I ask why and the walmart manager told me they don't know only that it was because of my back round.

They said I would receive the info in the mail from the company they use for the back round approval. I never got that from any one. So basically walmart didn't hire me because of one misdemeanor from along time ago.

The funny part was my wife was working there and personally knew people who were working there and had felony's. *** walmart


I worked at Walmart last summer and they have a policy that they won't give references. (Canada)

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #787459

Places like that only hire dumb people, and very slow workers. Your son would not make it there anyway.

Have him work at McDonalds instead. I couldn't get a job at walmart may be I should make a review to let people know not to shop there.

Even Best Buy and I'm good with computers... They just want someone who doesn't know ***, and reads from a manual every time someone has a question.

First Born Triplet
to nonone Markham, Ontario, Canada #828880

You say they only hire dumb people and slow workers and you are not qualified for even that?

to nonone #829098

no offense but by manual I believe you mean instructions on how to use the product, why not read the manual yourself if you are smarter. Mcdonalds hires the same cliental. I agree with first born triplet, you must be dumber than dumb if you could not get a job where they only hire dumb people.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #829341

I never said she was dumber than dumb, just find it funny how she was not qualified when they only hire people who are dumb which yeah I guess makes her dumber than dumb.

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