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My son just turned 16 years old, and applied at Wal-Mart. He was so happy when they called him for an interview. He came home and told us he had the job. Next, he went in for the so-called orientation where they sent him for a drug test. He did it and passed. Then they had him fill out information for a background check so he did, and then he waited and waited and waited for them to call him to start work. He then got a copy of the background report in the mail with a clear background, nothing on it and called Wal-Mart to find out when he can start working. They told him to call the background place and give them permission to let Wal-Mart have the information, so he did, several times back and forth phone calls.

He received another background check. Finally, the background check company told him he didn't get the job and they sent him a turn down letter. He went to Wal-Mart and they said that is their policy. It turned out that when he filled out the paper work for the background check, they told him (while he believed he was an employee, an implied verbal contract by Wal-Mart) to put everything he ever did on the paper; if he got in trouble for anything, put it on the paper. He did get in trouble as a minor (he still is a minor) and the records are sealed, of only minor fractions of the laws, that of a misdemeanor. But he listed everything anytime he had a situation when the police were involved. They told him to put everything down because if they found something that he didn't put down, he would lose his job. And then when he was found clean with nothing on his record, they fired him or reversed the hiring because of what he had put down on the form.

I am so angry that this is Wal-Mart's policy, and I intend to make people aware of this policy, also to suggest people don't shop there anymore. Being a student in the College of Legal Studies at Kaplan University, I feel his civil rights have been violated as well as him being a minor and assumed Spanish but because of his background was discriminated against. This was his very first job, so it really sucks he went to such an awful place for employment, but the one who misses out is Wal-Mart. My son is a genius with computers, and is gifted as named by the schools for some extremely high scores (100%) on state tests; probably one of the hardest workers, biggest team player, and the least likely to steal. I don't think that Wal-Mart could have had a better employee, but now I know why they are always short on staff, who are overworked and treat customers like they are a burden, and have to lock everything up so no one can buy it, instead of a staff that is friendly and can help customers with questions, much less releasing the merchandise into a good paying customer's hands.

I can't tell you how much money they have lost because of the lock down of merchandise. Anyways, I don't shop at Wal-Mart anymore and I feel Americans should boycott a store that violates the civil rights of the American people especially its youth. When you are 16 years old, you can't have much of a background. Are they kidding me?

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Walmart typically doesn't hire anyone under the age of 18. Technically they can, but because virtually every employee has to use cardboard bailers and trash compactors, legally they have to be 18 to use that equipment. As such, Walmart doesn't bother to hire 16-17 year olds, even though they legally can. It's just too much hassle to have to keep track of who can get rid of cardboard or take the trash out and who can't, it isn't worth it to them to hire anyone under 18. Your son's age is why they are not hiring him, because legally he can't do all of the job duties that an 18+ employee could and they want everyone working there to be able to do any task asked of them. It has nothing to do with a misdemeanor or a background check. Why they won't just tell him "sorry kid, come back when you're 18" I don't know?

His civil rights aren't being violated, BTW. Federal and state laws prohibit minors from operating certain types of machinery, it isn't Walmart's call. They can refuse to hire him on that basis without it being age discrimination. Yes they could technically employ him, but it would be a liability to them, if no one under 18 is ever in the vicinity of the machinery, it is impossible for them ever to be fined. They are just being prudent with regards to protecting themselves from liability. No employer is required to give anyone a job. Tell him to apply at McDonalds.

If it's really his life dream to make $8.00 an hour busting his *** to make 5 of the 10 wealthiest people on the planet even wealthier while he struggles to feed himself on foodstamps, driving a beater of a car or walking to work, working 12 hour overnight shifts on Thankgiving and Christmas, he'll have that opportunity in two more years. Not to mention they'll pay to help him get his GED, which he won't need to work there anyway, so he could drop out of school now without putting his "career" in jeopardy.


lol, if your son is as dumb as you are i'm on walmarts side :)


Walmart hires ignorant inbred *** people like ladyscot. Your son does not fit those requirements be glad!


You are dumb.your son sounds awful. Only 16 and already in trouble with the law more then once.

You are only defending him because he is your son but in all honesty would you hire someone who cant stay out of trouble?

Probably not! :grin


let your son learn that there is no such thing as friends in life and other people are only associates who you either use or they use you or get you in trouble.


"When you are 16 years old, you can't have much of a background."

Apparently he does since it seems like he got into trouble from the police more than once.


"he never lost the job, he never had it he was turned down for the job. "

It seemed like he was told he would have the job if his criminal background check was clean. It was not. Either way no discrimination against him for being spanish, no civil law violations.

It seems like this 16 year old has not one crime but a background of breaking the law. Probably because he is rebelling because his mommy still treats him like he is 11.


@Jedi Knigt Ethan

he never lost the job, he never had it he was turned down for the job.

as for the OP that's retail all retail stores are understaffed under worked and under compensated you gotta deal with it or go somewhere else. and yes most companies are employment "at will" meaning either party can quit or be let go for any reason or no reason at all


Someone wrote this complaint on complaintsboard.com and they said that the son was caught shoplifting twice, then she says her son will be the least likely to steal.


so your son is only 16 and has already been arrested? well I wouldn't want to hire someone that young either if they're still that irresponsible.

if he were in his 20's or 30's and got arrested for something simple, then okay. but age 16? come on.

and like the other said, you left out some details. like what he did.


Better to be arrested at 16 than in 20's or 30's, maybe not for considering someone who is 16 for employment when they just got in trouble with the law recently... but if some 30 something were applying to me for employment and they had just gotten arrested a year or three ago, I'd be less likely to hire them than an equally qualified 30 something that had been arrested at 16, but had a clean record for 20 years following that arrest.

Just saying.

Youthful indiscretion and learning from one's mistakes, that sort of thing.

Fact is you can have even a recent misdemeanor and Walmart will still hire you. You can have a felony conviction over 10 years ago and they will still hire you. Now if a recent misdemeanor is about theft, then probably not.l

But... this kid is 16, Walmart doesn't hire 16 year olds except in VERY RARE occasions. He could have a spotless record and they likely would not hire him. I'm surprised they even interviewed him, some assistant manager F'ed up even giving the kid a call back. Any manager that I worked for when I worked at Walmart would have deleted his application during pre-screening. That's the first thing they do, scroll through the applications and delete all that are under 18 or have previously worked for Walmart. I was shown how to do it when I was a department manager.


im sorry but youre a *** ***. if a 16 year old gets arrested for stealing.

he has time to learn.

but a 20 or 30 year old stealing. They should know better, theyre more irresponsible then the 16 yr old!!!


We are talking about a 16 year old who knows right and wrong not a three year old who does not understand the concept of paying money to get a product from the store.


I would be more concerned that your son got into trouble with the police than the fact that he lost his job because of the laws he broke. I bet when the police called you because your son was breaking the law you gave them a piece of your mind and said it was not his fault.

You can tell everyone about this policy, but make sure to tell them about your son's criminal history and how you are not concerned that he is a delinquent. His civil rights were violated, what about the rights he violated when he was committing his crimes. He was already hired, and being Spanish had nothing to do with his being fired. I bet every time the police picked him up for the crimes he committed you accused them of racism instead of seeing that your son is breaking the law.

And you claim your son is one of the hardest workers and best team players, of course you being the mother would believe this. You say he is least likely to steal, well stealing is not the only crime you know. As for how much money they lost, let's say 1000-5000 a year, no big deal they make that much in an hour.

Big Bruce said you are leaving details, like what crimes your son committed. If your son was caught shoplifting naturally they won't hire him.

@Jedi Knigt Ethan

This is an amazing point. I like it.


"Walmart doesn't hire anybody under the age of 18." They do hire people starting at age 16. Minors must have "working papers".


This is such a BS complaint. Walmart doesn't hire anybody under the age of 18.


They do hire people under the age of 18. My daughter started working there at 17 as a cashier. The only thing she had to do was call someone up to ring up alcohol when she needed too.


Do you think that's the ONLY reason why he didn't get hired? You do know that Wal-Mart calls references and one of the questions is "Do you have reason to believe that the applicant may harm himself or others?".

Besides, you are leaving out crucial details (I.E. - what your son actually did).


Unfortunately when you sign the back of an employment application it clearly states that Company X (This is standard on any application) can dismiss you "at will" and somewhere in that orientation packet there is another form that says "this is not a contract for employment". It may also be on the back of their application.

Screaming discrimination because your son didn't get hired due to his lapse of judgement just makes it even harder for the people that are truly discriminated against.

I know kids make mistakes and you want what is best for him but this is a great lesson for him and his peers.

Stay out of trouble.

Another *** thing about these mega companies is they have A LOT of money and unless there is potential for a huge "slam dunk" compensation not many attorneys will want to take them on. Wal-Mart would just paperwork them to death and potentially put the lights out on these law firms.