Terre Haute, Indiana

I tried to return camera because I was not happy with performance (unable to see screen in sunlight). I took on a cruise early February.....I would have never purchase camera if I had known there was on a 15 day return policy.

I now have a camera that does not function good and cannot return. It was not a cheap camera $79 and feel this is unfair that it cannot be returned within the 90 day window as well.

Very unhappy and will think twice before I purchase ANYTHING else from Walmart! It really is not worth the aggravation.

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you do realize most stores wont let you return an opened camera and if they do they will charge you a restocking fee something close to the $79 you paid for it. Seriously though you couldn't open the box in 2 weeks and say oh this camera sucks let me bring it back.


The return policy is not a secret. It is posted in the electronics department, on their website and on the back of the receipt.

You agree to these terms before purchasing an item.

Familiarize yourself with the terms of sale before purchasing a product.

First B

I don't think this is a case of "renting the camera" for their vacation, this is the case of not being able to return the defective camera, then again a few years ago a person claimed their vacation was ruined because Walmart either messed up their photos or sold them a faulty camera. Walmart paid for their next vacation to keep the customer happy.

I think he has to return it to the manufacture or something.

@First B

I think you are on drugs if you think walmart paid for someone's vacation


Oh they would do anything to please the company, they make millions a year, they don't take it from their corporate, they take it from the offending store. $2000 may be a lot for a kid like you, but for them it is nothing and if it means keeping a customer they will do it.

Sometimes they do it to shut the person up. But the little boy that wrote this complaint should have known all electronics everywhere are 14 day for returns.


1. $79 IS a cheap camera.

I'm not saying it's a bad camera... just low cost.

2. Your unable to see the screen in sunlight! Welcome to the club.

Probably 98% of the cameras in that price range will be the same.

You do not state why it doesn't function good. Is it because it's difficult to see the screen in sunlight? Or, because it doesn't do something you want it too? Research these cameras online before purchase.

i often to to the manufactures website and download the manual to check features and how the item operates, so that I can make an informed decision.

You found your way to this website... why couldn't you use the internet to research?


So you wanted to rent a camera for free? Nice try!

Where will you shop now?

Best Buy, Target, Radio Shack, and a ton more others all have a 15 day return policy on electronics. Better start earning that engineering degree so you can make your own electronics.


You wanted a camera for your vacation and now that your vacation is done you want to return it?You should have rented one then.You are as bad as the person who buys a outfit wears it and then returns it.I bet it was your plan all along to return it after your vacation.You are the reason prices are so high at stores. Shame on you!!!!!!!


First off the return policy is clearly spelled out, and even if it's not on the receipt (which it likely is) it is still your responsibility as a consumer to find out what the return policy is. (It takes 2 minutes with an internet search or walking up to customer service). Go figure Walmart doesn't want people essentially renting cameras.


So Wal-mart or the manufacturer has to eat 79 bucks because you are unhappy? Guess who ends up paying that.

The consumer!

If the camerea doesn't work, that's one thing but the camera has the same features as when you bought it. If it simply didn't fit your needs and you didn't check it out well, it is your loss.


return windows are getting SHORTER AND SHORTER. I mean really HOW can they pay CEO PAY, stock holders and take stuff give GOOD CUSTOMERS SERVICE how can they balance it all.

They have a constant drive to MAKE MORE MONEY and that is from your pocket!

must pay the CEO AND STOCK HOLDERS. They can't pay less then minimum wage!!