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I tried to ad price match using a Dollar General ad for Pampers Swaddlers Diapers. The ad simply stated "$9.50 Sale Pampers Swaddlers Diapers All Counts and Sizes". There was also an image of a package of these diapers. At the checkout, I presented the ad to the cashier and she told me they couldn't price match because Dollar General only carried 40-pack diapers and I was purchasing the 100-pack. I explained the ad and how it states "all counts and sizes". She still refused so I asked for a manager. This manager told me they had several other people try to use this price match and they will not honor it because they (Walmart) called Dollar General and found out they only sell this brand in 40 count bags. I then asked for another manager.

Long story short, I had a cashier, floor manager, 2 assistant managers and some *** from loss prevention standing at the register telling me the same thing. I told them the ad clearly states "all counts and sizes". There was nothing in the photograph in the ad that showed what size count the package was and that they should honor their own store policy. It boiled down to the fact that they were flat out refusing to honor their ad matching policy even though they should have. This whole process took around 30 minutes with me trying to stand my ground as I was valid in what I expected.

Tomorrow, I plan on attempting to contact the store manager to complain but I know it will probably end up doing no good and just further frustrating me but it's a matter of principle for me now. There has to be some sort of law that they're breaking. I mean, if they are advertising that they do ad price matching and the ad clearly states "all counts and sizes" then it doesn't matter a hill of beans if one of them called Dollar General to find out what size packages they sell. They need to honor their policy. Sure is frustrating to be such a long time consumer, to shop their store every week only to end up being treated in such a matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Really??? I want more for free!

I'm going to complain and whine till I get my way too. I actually feel kinda sorry for her kids.


You feel sorry for her children? Are you Serious!

I am a hard working mother of a 12 month old.

And trust me saving money on diapers and as well the ability to price match is a god sent to our wallets. I guess your just above us basic folk.


If she cannot afford to diaper her child without scamming than she should not be spreading her legs. I agree with you that about saving money on diapers, but if the misprint is on Dollar General's flyer they should take advantage of Dollar General not Walmart.

If she is going to spread her legs she should get a job to feed the child she created, or have the father help her out. S


It might be arguably common sense that one wouldn't offer 60 at the same price as 100, but that's all irrelevant when an absolute statement like "ALL COUNTS" is explicitly present. Clearly everyone is overreacting because either side of the argument is reasonable.

First B

So because the Dollar store made a mistake on their flyer you are trying to scam walmart?

@First B

This is not a dollar store mistake. The dollar store simply has diapers up to 40 per package.

Wal-Mart sells 100.

This mother thought she would try and scam walmart for 60 extra diapers because she cannot afford to take care of her kids because she did not keep her legs crossed so she has to result to scamming and cheating to feed and care for her child. She should get child support from the father(that is if she knows who the father is.


Most of these people just like to spread their legs and don't know who their baby's daddy is.


Actually we were told by corporate not to do this. It wasn't the stores fault, corporate told them not to do it. The policy also states that there has to be a quantity listed on the ad, and all counts and sizes is not a quantity.


All MATCHING counts and sizes.

You don't get 60 free diapers.

Essentially, that's called theft.

If Walmart has a 40 pack, you can price match on that.

But you cannot price match a 40 pack with a 100 pack!

That is just common sense!

@Lidiya Hanesfielde

Common sense would also be to not spread her legs if she needs to result to such petty behavior(scamming and theft) just to diaper her children. Wonder if she even knows who the father of the child is.


You should be ashamed of your self.


Why, the only people that should be ashamed are those that create children and expect tax payers to pay to feed, cloth and diaper them. The mother is in the wrong here, trying to get 60 free diapers.

If she cannot afford to diaper her child she should not be having children.

Then again you seem to be on the same boat as her and expect to even scam people to diaper your child. You are the one that needs to be shamed.


This is a common sense issue and you clearly don't have any.


Are you ***? They will only price match exact items.

Example If dollar General sells 250g of margarine and they go on sale and Walmart sells 500g why would Walmart have to give you the 500g for the 250 price? They only price match exact products and sizes.


Your problem is it wasn't a WalMart ad that said all sizes, and whatever else you are saying in your complaint. It was a Dollar General ad, those ads are for all of their stores.

Maybe some of their stores do honor all sizes, counts, etc., but not the one where you live.

I find it hard to believe that Dollar General would offer the larger sizes and counts for the same price as a 40 count. That being said everybody should know that for ad price matching, the product has to be exact and if the Dollar General in your town only caries 40 count diapers that is what has to be price matched.