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Went to walmart to buy a grill and they told me the same thing you think they would want to sell it seeing its over five hundred bucks so everyone out thier just stop buying stuff from walmart make them suffer stocks are down and walmart are to big for thier pants

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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you need to be more specific in your complaint, you make absolutely no sense at all.


You're mad cause you didn't get your way?


Displays are sold when no more are coming in. So at the end of summer you will be able to buy a floor model/display.

There is ALSO the liability factor. If a employee put it together wrong ANY incident where the grill failed would be on Wally World.

Get over yourself snowflake. You will just have to put it together yourself.


I can only assume from you title that they wouldn't sell you their display of a grill you were interested in. Stores don't sell the display for a reason.

The display is there so people can see what the grill in the box looks like once they have it assembled. If they don't have a display it makes it harder to sell the grills in the boxes and if they sell the display they will have to pay someone who should be stocking shelves or doing other jobs to build another one. I once worked at a store that sold grills. We tried offering assembly but quit after one year.

You would be surprised at how many people had their grill assembled only to realize an assembled grill didn't fit in their trunk or the back of their SUV. It takes a pick up without a topper to get an assembled grill home.

to Anonymous #1483386

that was one of my pet peeves when i workd at big box retailer---ppl wanting to buy displays of almost everything and various excuses why(never laziness tho)


What in the world is this complaint about?I Cannot understand What this complaint is about.OP, how can you expect anyone to understand What your complaint is about when I Cannot understand it?Or are you just venting?What do you expect anyone to do about your complaint?Shaking my head.

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