Cornelius, Oregon
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Ok i went to Walmart in Cornelius Oregon for a quick thing return 1 item and pic up the pictures i order online. 1st i was told nobody was in photo but they will try to find what i order.

They found it i saw that on Pic was bad i said i will pay for the 3 but not this one. I get told i don't know how to do that there is no UPC Code. i said it 60 cents just over ride it and give me a discount. I get told Nope need the gal from photo.

Comes back oh we can find her. OK i just want to pay and get out of here i'm running late to my sons swimming lessons now. Ok let me get a manger. (mind you this is 10 Mins Later) One gal keep walking by and saying just a second.

10 Min later she shows up looks at me and says (Yes) i said i'm pissed i just want to check out have 60 cent taken off for the bad pic so i can go. she say i cant do that because you want calm down (YOU THINK) I said no i wont so please just check me out so i can go. Again says nope you need to clam down. I said that wont happen I've been waiting to get out of here for 30 mins now i just want to pay and get out i want the good pics and to leave.

She then says you cant do that till you pay i said take my god *** money and i will go. She says you are steeling.

Then she calls the cops & GM i get escorted out i explain all of the above get pics for free all over 60 cents and me trying to pay. WTF

Monetary Loss: $100.

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So, let me understand this.... The bad pic is okay...

you just want another 60 cents for the bad pic! Ahhhhhh, am I missing something here folks?


People who don't work in retail really don't understand that it's not that simple to just *** .60 cents and give you a discount especially since at Walmart they always have to get a manager to override these things anyway. The customers behavior goes a long way in how they get treated as well.

I don't know why customers expect workers to just have to listen to their yelling or outrage and calmly take care of them. If you would have calmed down like they said, they would have taken care of you whether you had to wait 15 mins or 1 hour.


It goes the other way too, it takes 2 parties to quibble over $.60


She waited a lot longer than I would have to throw you out on your ***. I would have banned you as well. If you can't behave yourself, stay out of the public.