Amherst, New Hampshire
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On the 29 th of July I purchased 1 ton of wood pellets for $225.00 dollars, I told the girl I would be back tomorrow to buy another ton she said ok, so I came back the next day to buy another ton and the price went to $250.00 So I was mad after that and ask to speek to the manager I got the asst manager Dave who said corp rose the price over night and couldent do anything so I took my business to Lowes, so you lost a good custermer, you should honor what you say they were not new pellets they were from last october

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Try the same thing at the local gas station..... I wonder if it will work!


They are honoring what they say, if they still had the $225 on the shelf, but charged $250, then they would not be honoring what they say. I agree with the other poster, don't call adults girls when your reading comprehension is at a first grade level.


I like it how you call someone old enough to work a girl when you act like you are seven years old because the price went higher and they would not lower it just for you. Not only do you act seven you spell like one as well.


You should have paid for the other ton the same day and just picked it up the next day. It is not the associates fault that the price was changed overnight.

They usually are not aware of the changes that are going to be made. Corporate handles pricing usually and there is nothing anyone at the store level can do about that.

Associates are not able to promise customers a certain price or that the item will be in stock the next day. And trust me, Walmart does not care if it loses one customer or one hundred customers.