I worked for walmart for 2 years, worked my *** off, bended over backwards for the management and never got full time, they are sexist. They promoted a girl there that only just started a week and they made her department manager.

They let another girl get full time in less than 6 months and then got wrote up and then promoted to a higher position, you're not suppose to be able to be promoted after a write up.. And I worked there for 2 years What ever a manager wanted I did, I took care of my department and I couldn't even get full time..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Wow, that is horrible man im sorry to hear that. And for the two that commented *** off. He is trying to help people with future jobs at Walmart.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #826971

True, and even if he wants to just vent, let him. If it makes him feel better what is wrong with it? It is a lot better than going postal.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #826973

I agree with your reply for the anonymous from Tempa Florida, but not for the other anonymous, if he is going to call women girls he is being disrespectful to women. This could be part of the reason he did not fit in. I mean if we called him "boy" he would be offended.


You refer to a woman old enough to work as "girl" and they are the sexist ones?

to Anonymous #831215

I believe the writer is a she by referring to the other one as girl. They could be very close in age or with her the elder of the two, seeing as she has been hired for two years. I don't find anything sexist about this comment at all other than the mention at management.

to Anonymous Madison, Wisconsin, United States #831406

Maybe but if she is going to refer to anyone as a girl, meaning a child it should be her for acting childish. Sounds like she has jealousy issues and is putting other employees down to make herself look bad.

I am pretty sure the other "girls" were glad when she left. Her attitude is what is keeping her from promotions, you don't put your coworkers down to make yourself look good to get a promotion, that is not being a good team player.

Also from her spelling and grammar I doubt she is that good of a worker, if she is too lazy to run a spell check I wonder what her work habits are like. Face it even a girl in the fourth grade has better spelling and grammar than she does.

Tampa, Florida, United States #824938

Maybe it's your attitude that's holding you back.

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