when to Walmart at Doral in miami area area during the Saturday night, it was full of people , door close everywhere only one exit, but the worse part was the cashier drop the merchandise two time over the floor and put everything together without organize and not even ask for hello or hi, worse experience ever, i will never go back to that location.I believe that probably she was tired or not well paid but hello if you dont wanna go to work please remain at your house and do yourself a favor because other people are doing their things.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am sure you are not perfect when you are tired. If you find issues over trivial things perhaps it should be you staying at home.

Instead of worrying about her attitude work on your spelling and grammar. Because as you can see you are not perfect either.


First of all, you must have low self esteem and no friends if you are offended because someone did not greet you, with your attitude I can see why you have no friends. Second they need to make a living just like you, and perhaps they are not chatty is because of people like you.

Third they are paid to cash you out, not socialize, you want someone to socialize with you go to a bar. I hate it when customers think that these people are paid to socialize with them.