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I bought a new battery from Walmart that lasted around 1 week. Took it back to walmart and they told me who ever fitted it had put the wrong size battery in my car.

They replaced it with a new "Correct Size" battery without any hassle. After around 3 weeks it had stopped working so took it to walmart and they told me it was the alternator. I had then took it to a mechanic who changed the altenator and starter and charged the battery back up. This worked for around 2 weeks and Dead again.

I took it back to the mechanic who told me the battery was dead so went back to walmart and looked in the book myself to see what battery i needed and found out that they DO NOT carry the battery that is specified for my car. I then had to go to AUTO ZONE to purchase another battery in the correct size. Finally went back to walmart to see what they were going to do about it as i was down $50 as well as spending $115 on the new correct battery. Walmart tested the battery and said it needed charging but i told them i do not want the battery back as just purchased a new one.

After about 30mins of getting no where they told me the warranty was void because it had been used all they could do was replace it. so finally they told me they will give me my money back just had to go to customer services to get it!! Went to customer service and had the same argument with the woman there until finally i got my money back.

Would NEVER buy a battery or anything for my car from Walmart again. Spent 2 hours in Walmart just to try and get my money back for a faulty battery!!!

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I am wondered what's kind the car you got and will wait to see your new battery from Auto Zone will past the next two weeks. Good luck. :?