Fayetteville, Arkansas
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They first didn't have the plasma TV I wanted to buy for my husband. I was one of the first people in line at 4 AM and nothing.

They told me just because it is in the ad doesn't mean they will have them at that location. Then after enough pushing and shoving I finally made it to electronics where the associates blocked the aisle I wanted in. I was about ready to start smacking people left and right. They didn't have the printer I wanted to get as the alternative to the TV.

They basically had nothing at this store.

BTW, this was the Fayetteville Mall Ave location.

I have already stopped shopping at the Springdale Pleasant Avenue and Bentonville locations because of their lousy service, now I will be adding this one to the list. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!

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Sounds like someone making rude comments here must work for wal ***...lmao...now that's the true wal mart way.


Anonymous, yeah well that's walmart for you. I used to work there, two faced managers, nosey employees asking about personal info, *** service. Im just crying cause i don't work there anymore.


aww boo hoo MrsLea. you're a psycho as usual.

it's pretty hard to get things on Black Friday, I think you all of people would know this since you apparently shop every day.

and your husband should know too since he apparently works for Walmart home office. but you just proved it, you have no husband that works for them.


Yes, and they lie. My husband is looking into this.


Every store ad that I have ever looked at state that not all items are available at all locations.