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I just came from there. My dad sent me 500.00 using ria/ walmart money transfer.

and the store would not release the money to me because my driver's license had a po box on it rather than a physical address. they told me my father had to re do the transaction using a security question. the walmart where my father lived told him they no longer use security questions and the store where i was supposed to do the pick up insisted that they did. the store were my father sent the transaction from attempted to call the store where i was attempting to pick up the money but no one would answer the phone .

i picked up 3 transactions at walmart in the last two months using the same id. now suddenly it is a problem. After I left the store I used walmart chat to talk to a cs rep and jerked me around and gave me a # to call that had an automated message and no help at all . here is the chat.

Anne G: Thanks for chatting with! I’m Anne G and I’ll be assisting you today. Anne G: Hi Ron, I will kindly assist you today, I am really sorry I do not know the inconvenient that make you upset, but I will gladly read your concern and give yo a proper response. ron c: my father sent me a money gram today from N carolina to your white plains ny store.

the white plains store would not release the money due to my driver's license have ing a po box rather than a physical address. Even after I presented additional state issued ID that provided a physical address, they refused to release the money. I was told to have my father return to the store in NC, cancel the transfer and then resend it using a security question. the NC store advised my father that security questions were no longer used.

i spoke to three different managers at the WP that refused to release the money and all three insisted that a security question could be used. it cost me 5.50 to take the bust to and from your wp store and my father had to return to your nc store. all in all 2 hours wasted over utter nonsense since i picked up three transactions at the wp store within the last few months. to make matters worse the nc store attempted several times to call the wp store and the wp store refused to answer the phone.

the manager at the wp store refused to talk to the people from the nc store,. you people do not have it together! ron c: this happened between 0424pm and 530pm ron c: you service here is as bad as your service in the store Anne G: Well Ron, I am really sorry for this inconvenient this should not have happened. You are really important for Walmart and as a customer we want you to be satisfied.

I am truly sorry and I know that you have struggle a lot and I really want you to compensate you for this . Anne G: Ron I have document this to higher department, so then this won´t happen again Ron. ron c: well what about they money i need to pick up? Anne G: Let me check what can I do for you in order to pick that money Ron, will you be so kind to hold for a few minute more please ?

ron c: ok Anne G: I kindly ask you to contact us at 1-800-966-6546, and we will call them in order to have this resolved. I appreciate your understanding on this situation Ron. Anne G: I have not heard from you in a few minutes. Are you still with me?

ron c: i am on the phone now. i am receiving an automated message. who do i ask for? Anne G: Thank you for all your help with this situation, I regret this happened, one of our representatives will answer you.

Anne G: Are we still connected Ron? Anne G: I want to make sure you are still with me. Anne G: I am sorry, since the chat has not received any response in a few minutes, our system will close it for now. If you need any help in the future, please, do not hesitate to contact us again by visiting We will be happy to help you with this!

Have a great day! Anne G has disconnected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ria Money Transfer Money Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Review #1130832 is a subjective opinion of funtime42013_13

to Lololololololololololololol #1394485



What is it with a reply that is the length of a chapter in a book?

I looked at it, and decided that it was just too long to read.

to Anonymous #1392866

who cares what you decide to read or not read? you are just an anonymous person on the internet.

to Anonymous #1394484

Where did the chip on your shoulder come from? No one is buying into your illegitimate complaint - and your pissed. LOL


Get an ID with a physical address - not that hard.

to 23502 #1391943

i bet you work for walmart. i am an american citizen with no criminal record and entitled to use a po box on my dl.

it is legal, the dmv allows it and it is not up to walmart or a simpleton like you to dictate what address i should have on my dl. i just had the money wired to my bank account. no big deal. i had other forms of government issued id with a physical address which they refused to accept.

i was told have the money rewired to another person with an id that had a physical address and have them pick up the money. i guess that is how all the illegals and terrorist do it.

so much for security. dumb people.

to Anonymous #1392152

Exactly how do you know that 23502 is a Walmart employee?

to Anonymous #1392169

I'm not a Walmart employee. I'm just smart that's all.

If using an ID with a PO Box number isn't acceptable for Walmart to give you your money, then you play by their rules or you do nefarious stuff - you made the choice.

I could care less if you get your money - but you're trying to complain about something on principle when you don't have a leg to stand on.

LOL - keep flying that flag about using an ID with a PO Box - just quit complaining when they don't give you your money.

I've got an IQ of over 140 - and you?

to 23502 #1392378

If you had an iq that high then your post wouldn’t have grammar issues. As for you being smart?

Not hardly, honey. Next.

to 23502 #1392412

i could care less about your iq. it does not mean that you know everything.

and you are not as smart as you think you are. if you were smart you would know that terrorists, drug dealers and other criminals have work arounds for every precautionary measure our government inconveniences law abiding citizens with in the name of fighting crime and keeping us safe. The vegas attack, all guns were purchased legally with proper id and background checks, the same for the texas church shooting and almost every other mass shooting that has taken place. The sept 11 hijackers came here legally, had proper id to board the planes, as did the terrorist who mowed down 19 people in NYC two weeks ago, who rented a truck showing proper with a physical address.

You are just one of the many sheep who know nothing. people go out an buy brand new cars everyday, showing proper id with a physical address and drive off without ever paying for them. neither they nor the car ever shows up at the adders that is indicated on their id. anyone can go rent a room for 100 bucks a week and never stay there and simply use it for a mail drop.

there are people who charge 10 bucks a month to allow others to receive mail at their addresses. a physical address on an id proves only that a person either does or at one time received mail at that address. the dmv does not check any address, they simply mail your driver's license to what ever address you give them. the dmv allows a po box as a mailing address but still requires a physical address that they keep on record.

anytime a police officer runs a check on a driver's license every address ever used by the person is returned with that check, as well *** if the person has an active war when a check is run on a drivers license which will also show any active cases against the person, orders of protection etc. again ever mass shooting and terrorist attack to date, the perpetrator did everything by the book, legally, showing id with a physical address. the vegas shooter send 100g to the philippines without raising an eyebrow, before he went on his rampage, not to mention all of the other crap he managed to do with security cameras and security personnel all over the place harassing everyone else. there are terrorist cells all over the philippines, yet, not even 1 eyebrow raised,.

so you see, you are not as smart as you think you are. i bet you didn't know any of this because you are just another member of the sheep flock who believes simply because they scored high on some test of has a piece a paper hanging on the wall they are smart.

you are just a member of the sheep flock. 30 years in the street ***!

to 23502 #1392589

To OP: you sound like you have a chip on your shoulder, that the world has you pegged wrong and that everything that happens to you is someone else's fault. As for the IQ question, you didn't answer it.

And incidentally, in case you are mistaking that college somehow makes your IQ go up - ummmm - well that's not true - there are plenty of college graduates out there that can't find their *** from their elbow.

Keep going champ - your manifesto style of talking and the fact that the man has you down keeps you from going forward in life. Keep blaming others - right - it's worked so far so good for you.

to 23502 #1392875

no one cares about your iq. obviously, if that if that is all that you have to boast about, other than being a ***, you haven't accomplished much else in life .

other than you opinion regarding the id situation, you have have been unable to refute one point that i made regarding the futility of their policy or the fact that they conveniently set up a mechanism for illegal immigrants to get around the policy. you really need to pull your head out of your ***. i have done nothing wrong or illegal by using an id with a po box. did the clerk at walmart who most likely has a criminal record show their id, with a physical address to my dad, before they took our money?

and i made no correlation between college and iq. and besides, i highly doubt that your iq is over 85 and if you do have a 140 iq, you are simple wasting it by coming on here and responding to my complaint about walmart. you are simply a *** bag with too much time on your hands.

why not try getting a job. or maybe the best you can do with your 140 iq is to work at walmart.



Too long of a post.

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