Schaumburg, Illinois
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Worst experience ever! After years and years of awesome service at Walmart I was shocked by service at 1460 Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL (i used to coming to this store weekly).

Guy with name Bill who introduce himself as store mng even claimed that store is HIS and that he does not have time for customers or complaints (says: this is my store and i have no time for you")??? I fell sorry for you Walmart if this is what you tech your management to do !

Bye Walmart welcome Sears!!! Never again shopping at Walmart and fell sorry that I ever did!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Looks like some is using my Name to post fake post on my name. Please check and you will see that IP from another "Elvo" does not match mine.

One more thing i never in mine life worked for any of those stores, in i do not have young kids (I am Cicso netwoork engineer) This fake Elvo must be some walmart hotshot. Gentleman just keep in mine steeling identity is illegal and this can be easy proven and you can be easy located based on IP info match. Keep in mind that you are steeling identity before you post another comment using my info.

After bad service now you are steeling people identities ? Bad way to go Walmart !

On another identify theft you will responsible.


Actually I work at Sears, I am only 16. The manager of Sears is paying me to post negative reviews about other companies.


You are very ungrateful if you are boycotting them one time after one bad experience. Well one day you will face the same experience at Sears.


Also he treated me like a child. I told him to *** off and mind his own business.

My 7 year old son wanted some candy. I told him no. He then stole the candy. They arrested a 7 year old, a child.

When I found out he stole the candy I punched him in the stomack and the security guard and manager told the police. Now they are putting my son in a foster home.