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I bought a Walmart Visa gift card this morning with $50 on it. As soon as I activated my card the funds were gone.

I called the horrible customer service and the two ladies I spoke too were rude and refused to answer my questions. When I asked to speak to someone else because I did not like the service I was receiving she placed me on hold and then hung up in my face. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CARD! Walmart steals from you and try to blame other merchants, when on the package it says you cannot use the card unless it is activated.

My card was not activated for 2minutes and the funds were already gone.

Calling customer service will only *** you off more because they don’t care, barely speak English and and any up in your face! TERRIBLE!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Still waiting for a resolution, Runaround and no one helping me settle this scamming matter, Customer service is awful.

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You are a liar. In your review you claim you spent $50.

Then you claim you lost $55.

You know you cannot just pick a gift card off the shelf. IT is not activated until you get to the checkouts.


Tax Baby!


For fifty-five Dollar you could have stayed in a no-tell motel and got to deal with people who barely spoke english and will get up in your face for ten dollar if they see you had a visitor.


I know you are upset, but don't blame Walmart unless you think Walmart should keep their cards securely behind a glass enclosure until you buy it and it is activated by the cashier. Thieves go thru a store and use a scanner to obtain the codes on the back of all kinds of gift cards and then load them into a computer program which checks to see if the cards the thief scanned is activated.

As soon as one is activated, the thieves strike and take the money. This is what happened to you. On Walmart's side, they don't know who used the card and thus disclaim any responsibility. Having all those gift cards on display in stores is an open invitation to thieves to steal their data and eventually deplete the balances.

Best to avoid gift cards, actually. Send someone a check or a fifty dollar bill as a gift.