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I made several purchases with Walmart. Some purchases were sent to me directly, and some were sent to their neighborhood store in Hawthorne, CA for pick up.

Things were going ok, until Walmart lost one of my pick up orders in the store. I had other orders that were there ready for pick up, and this one order was causing the delay. The store, And kept giving me the run around, long phone holds, etc., it was absolutely ridiculous. The lack of professionalism, and inability to resolve such a small customer service issue was unbelievable to me.

To make a long, irritating story short, here is what ended up happening. The Walmart store lost the package, which is inconvenient and annoying, but what they did next, is what set me off. Since they lost my package, l asked that they send a replacement to my home, free of charge. Which l felt was an appropriate, and fair request under the circumstances.

Walmart did not agree. They refused to pay the 5.99 to resend my order that they lost, and would only agree to resend the lost order to the very same who lost it in the first place. Keep in mind, that l do not live in the area of this Walmart store, so coming back a second time would have been very inconvenient. They were rude, had no empathy for my issue whatsoever, and offered nothing to compensate me for my troubles.

Absolutely unbelievable. To boot, l had just purchased $300 worth of groceries at that same store, that lost my package. Not the first time Walmart has lacked in the customer service department. For the longest time prior, l ceased shopping at Walmart stores.

They are horrible with customers, they fail at customer satisfaction, and do not appreciate their customers whatsoever. Amazon would never have lost an order, and then behave this way towards a customer. Only Walmart would do such a despicable thing. I cancelled all of my pending orders, requested refunds for everything that l had received from them, and cancelled all orders in route.

I refuse to be treated that way, and allow them to profit after mistreating me like this. Had my children not started to consume those groceries, every bit of that food would have been returned as well. I have given Walmart too many chances, they won’t get another one from me. Amazon and Target will get my business from this day forward.

It is shameful how Walmart treats it’s customers, and downright ridiculous, that they are unable to handle such a basic customer service problem. Instead, they blame the customer, and expect them to pay to resolve the problem that they created. The situation nearly had me in tears, because of how l was being treated, and my kids crying because l sent everything back. Felt bad for my crying kids, but refused to give them a dime of my money.

Shop somewhere else America, there are other options, and other places to shop, who will not treat you this poorly. Walmart, get a grip, and stop abusing your customers,. As a result, you are losing good customers, and a lot of business.

Retrain your staff, because they are chasing your customers away. You have certainly lost my business, and my trust.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Walmart Does Not monitor this board, and so Walmart Will Not read your complaint.If you Really want Walmart to retrain your staff, because they are chasing your customers away, then the much better thing to do is to Send Walmart Corporate Headquarters a letter explaining your complaint.That information is found on their website.

to Anonymous #1521442

Thank you very much for the advice, and comment. I will be writing a letter to their corporate office for what they put me through. Have a great day, and thanks for reading.


Very well-written. Walmart is not known for reliability nor for it's customer service.

They are attempting to compete in the online shopping world, but the same attitudes and service you encounter in their stores seems to have transferred over to their online business.

Bottom line, of course is to not give Walmart or any other store your business when they ill-treat you. For the few cents you may save by buying something at Walmart, the hassle is surely not worth the trouble or extra expense.

to h.kitchener #1521444

Agreed. I stopped shopping with them before for their behavior, but mistakenly gave them another chance. Thank you for your nice comment, and have a great day.

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