Terre Haute, Indiana
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From the time you walk in-deli, bread, produce especially meat dept, frozen, pharmacy is terrible but when you get to cashiers it's like a rude free for all. They actually holler at each other, no manners common sense,rude rude.

I'm 71 with white hair and lot's of wrinkles and when the girl asked for id I just said my birthdate, well she came unglued, stopped what she was doing put her hands on her hip and said she couldn't proceed-I had $80 worth of food and btw no more, all this while shouting at another cashier to open her register, the lines were very long. I don't know why you can never find a manager there I have asked 3 times now, this store is getting sooo bad I've had it.

I'll drive a little out of my way and go to walmart from now on. It's very bad over there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I forgot to mention this all I wanted to do was try to return a tv I bought last year. The rude rude cashier asked for a receipt and I told her no.

She asked for my driver's license and I told her its none of her business. Ill take my biznuss to Target from now on.