My son saved up & purchased an IPod Nano with extended warranty from Walmart. After a year, it would only work when plugged in to the computer.

I tried to return it to the store, they said I had to call the number on the warranty info I received. I called and they said they would email me a shipping label to return the Nano. It was only suppose to take 2-3 business days to receive it. Never got it.

I have since called 4 more times, with empty promises each time! After the second call, I instructed the rep to just send it to me in the mail. Thinking that would be fool proof. HA!

It's been almost a month now and still nothing! I have NEVER had such bad customer service in my life. I will NEVER purchase a warranty item from them again.

I'll probably get screwed after I send it to them & they tell me they can't fix it. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

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EXTENDED warranties are the biggest SCAM going. They never fix the product.

They drag it out to take forever so you forget about it get so frustrated and give up. To the posters that says it is not WALMART THAT should be blamed GET REAL IT WAS PURCHASED AT WALMART aND yes customers hold who they BOUGHT THE policy from RESPONSIBLE.

Stop selling *** AND NO ONE WILL COMPLAIN. Stand behind what you sell and you will not have complaints.


Its not Walmart, it is the manufacturer. Walmarts policy is 15 days with the receipt on all electronics.


That is good old Walmart for you.

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