Bessemer, Alabama

I'm not sure why there is a door greet at the Bessemer location, perhaps to check folks bags. It sure is not to greet customers.

I have went there many times, one certain female door greeter has never spoken to me, she has actually looked away when I have walked in. I have seen her several times texting messages, and once sitting in a handicapped cart. I thought that when a business places a person at the front of their store, One of their responsibilities were to greet customers. Obviously this employee does not understand that concept.

My solution to this rudeness, I now take my business to the Hoover Walmart. Or I shop with Publix, where all the staff are helpful & friendly to everyone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most of these greeters are retards and don't even know how to count to ten and you expect her to do a complicated job. They only hire these freaks because no one else would.

Being a greeter is the only job they can do.

This person probably needs help taking a bath and you expect them to help you find items in the store or whatever. That is way too complicated for their pea sized brains.


Hahahahhaha yeah I stopped going to wal mart after the 85 year old handicapped greeter didn't say hi to me in a nice enough tone when I walked in too! Come on they are paid minimum wage to sit there and make sure people aren't going out with a whole buggy full of groceries that they didn't pay for.

And like the other comment said, they are given that job because they physically can't do very many jobs and it helps their self esteem to be employed. Get a life!


yeah right, like an 85 year old or cripple with one leg can stop you from shoplifting.


Foos! Cub Foods!


Door greeters are usually handicapped, or, in a state that they ordinarily would not be able to perform usual duties.

It is an attempt to give them dignity in the workplace.

With that said, it kind of ticks me off - IN ANY STORE - when I'm asked to show my receipt and have my bags checked, when I just stepped out of the cashier lane after paying no more than 30 feet away!!! What's the deal!

I think it's to catch the under basket, and, un-bagged items that some people get through without paying for.

I say that because if I don't have water cases, pop 6-packs,a nd the like, they don't ask.

But, isn't that the responsibility of the casher?

At Cub Foos they have signs to remind the cashiers AND mirrors to see the other side and bottom of the baskets.


If you purposely don't pay for stuff that you know you have in your cart it is your responsibility to tell them. Purposely "forgetting" makes you a thief.

They are not allowed to ask if you concealed any items either. That does not make it okay to steal.


I mentioned that some people do get thru without paying for the un-bagged items... and yes, that would be theft if done intentionally.

I don't understand why you would need to point that out!

Once, a few years ago, when I got to my van I realized a few cases of water under the cart that I forgot about at the register.

(Door greeter missed it also!!!). I went back in and paid for the water cases after I loaded my groceries into the van.


It did sound like you were blaming them for thieves actions.


Yea, nosy greeters tick me off too. It turns out legally that the "deal is done" at the cash register.

The stuff is paid for, and yours. Just walk out and they better not stop you - beeping sensors, or not.

So, why the greeter? Well it gives everyone that friendly little momentary reminder to "un-forget" that unpaid for item that you already know the cashier happened to miss.