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I've gone to walmart on priest & Elliot for many years and never have had a problem until tonight, I never have dealt with such a bad attitude in a manager. When it takes 15mins for a manager to get to you when you have a complaint Is quite frankly, unprofessional and disrespectful to the customer.

Me and my boyfriend, had gone in to purchase world of Warcraft, when we went purchase it there was no employee to be found in the electronics area which meant we had to purchase it in the front. Well this is a inconvenience to us when your employees don't know how to ring up an item. The employee Daniel said this is the worst night to come in and purchase something because everyone called out for the Super Bowl. First of all, what does that have to do with me purchasing what I want?

And second of all, if the employees all called out why aren't all the employees knowledgeable enough to ring in a specific item? And there only response is I'm sorry you will have to come back tomorrow. What kind of customer service are YOUR employees being taught? You all need to take a class if this is what you're providing for your customers.

After a response like that I demanded talking to a manager and after WAITING 15mins the manager by the name of David finally arrives and has no interest in what he have to say, does not apologize and just says have a great night! This walmart is outrageous. Upon waiting for the manager to arrive, the customer behind us had a similar story and let us know oh you will be waiting 20 mins for someone to get here. This is unbelievable and your employees and management should feel ashamed about the customer service you provide.

The many customers behind me heard the whole conversation and we're surprised at what treatment we got.

After my experience, I will no longer be shopping at walmart and that goes for many friends and family as well as the customers behind us. I expected a sincere apology and something done to resolve this issue but of course that was not done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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So, after years of shopping at Walmart, this one bad experience is going to banish you from the store. Well, your in for allot of disappointment in your life.

You said "Worst Experience".

Don't be ridiculous... you'll have plenty experiences worse than this.


I'll tell you here just like I told you at M3C: You are complaining it took 15 minutes for the manager to show and that is so unprofessional and now everyone you know is boycotting, blah blah blah. Well, did it occur to you the manager was assisting other customers who are just as important as you are!!!!

No, of course that did not occur to you because you are just THAT important! And by the way, I don't believe people are going to boycott because the Princess had to wait.


Walmart makes plenty of money. I'm sure your lost sale does not matter anyway.


Problematic customers like you will not be missed. I don't blame the manager for taking his time to come talk to you just to hear you whine.


I really LIKE the way you say "me and my boyfriend," how was that relevant to your complaint? Did it actually take two of you to purchase your item?

Basically when you start out saying "me and---" that means you went alone. You are either immature or a kid.


I agree. You should have your entitled *** kissed in a timely manner.


If wallyworld can not keep staff in that KNOW what they are doing BECASUE OF THE SUPRBOWL THEY SHOULD close. A lost sale is a lost sale and future business will be done elseware.

Wallyworld should how it own SUPERBOWL party in the back room for employees 15m on 15 m off EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY and the customers would not leave without WHAT THEY CAME IN FOR. Another fail by WALMART

Mananagers want you to leave before they ever get to you.

Even if it was a regular day THEY DO NOT CARE and them staying in the JOB of MANAGER isn't baseed at ALL ON CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION. PURELY NUMBER GAME!!!!!


That idea would not work


I work retail and I can tell you unfortunately managers are NOT normally available at the drop of a hate. they can't just drop whatever they're doing to come service you.

did you stop and think he might've been on the other end of the store dealing with a safety issue? or perhaps *GASP* another customer issue? if he is able to get across the store I know in these big box stores like the one I work in it can take a couple minutes to get there. and *GASP* you might have to get stopped by another customer.

what do you think would happen if he goes on by them just to get to you?

I think you need to take a breath and realize you could have just gone online and bought it from blizzard's estore. I've got 2 WOW accounts 1 was bought in store the other was all done online.

it's not that hard and actually cheaper in the end since I didn't pay taxes (which will probably change soon).

anywhoo, take a breather, and get over yourself. believe it or not, the world does NOT revolve around you.


Another self important fool makes a stand. I am important you will take care of me now!

Answer is not.

Another retail *** bites the dust. Good riddence to this self centered individual!