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Update by user Feb 22, 2018


Original review posted by user Jan 13, 2018

I visited the Walmart on 7975 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345 after work at about 10pm, the manager on duty was a very short haired blond women with glasses names Elizabeth, I was going to babysit so I had stoped by Walmart to get some water and a little bit of food for my home,un aware the self check out was already closed I got in line (at this time there was not a cart blocking the entrance to the self check out) there were about 5 of us in line with one person in front of me, the self check out guy (a man around his early 50s maybe I do not know the gentlemans name) began to disrespectfully argue with a women who was already checking out and then began to yell at everyone in line saying "who moved this cart!" the women's kids continously replied "your employee moved it" a few seconds later Elizabeth the manager in duty pops up and says "this area is closed who moved the cart"i replied to her "they said an employee moved it" she immediately in a angry tone replied "well it doesn't matter because we are closed" she then brings a metal food shelf cart and blocks the entrance at this moment I get a phone call from my bf who was inline at a register, I told him I was going to go with him because the self check out man is acting like a *** Elizabeth who I did not know was still behind me over hears me and says "excuse me ***" I strongly felt she was very out of her place (especially since I was on a personal phone call and not speaking to any of them) so I turn around and replied "your excused." ignoring her rude facial expression and stare I then walked away and headed to the register. Of course our luck we realized in line that Alex lost his wallet in the store so we went looking for it, we ran up and down the isles and when we had no luck we asked she greeter (I do not know her name either she is a Hispanic women around mid 40s) she informed us that her manger found it and has it in her office, she taped Elizabeth on the shoulder a few times and was ignored, she then continued to say "thats them" "they are right there" Elizabeth very rude and angery turned around and yelled "okay!" and then continued to ignore us, the greeter then turn to us put her to hands up and said "I don't know she's right there" we were both in a hurry considering I was babysitting and they were already waiting for me outside my home, we waited a few more minutes and Elizabeth still refused to acknowledge us,my bf then turned to the greeting lady and said "I'm going to cuss her out" Elizabeth then walked up to us and says "your wallet is locked in my office" then turns to me and rolls her eyes in my face and walked away, following her I asked "excuse me why did you roll your eyes at me" she still continued to walk and ignore me extremely frustrated my boyfriend says "yea why did you roll your eyes at her" she still continues to walk and ignore us, he then called her a *** and she turned around and said "you know language like that will get you eye rolls" I then explained to her that she is at work not us, she is getting paid not us, i also explained that up until then we have been very respectful towards her despite the fact she continuously disrespected us and others, I also explained to her that the self check out situation was unfair and that her employee did not have the right to yell at the customers and she had no right to treat me the way she did.

She then replied saying "I know and I spoke to that employee already" and continued to walk towards the customer service, as we arrived Alex and I stood outside the customer service area she stood at the door fore a whole 2 minutes talking to her employee about us and then turned around and dogged us as she unlocked the door and went into her office. As soon as she closed the door behind her the customer service guy (cocasian male about 5'8" blond hair) turned to us and said "we are closed" we then replied we are just waiting for our wallet and he rudely responded "I know she already told me" pauses and says smartly "but we're closed so u can't be here" my boyfriend responded "well when I get my wallet I will leave" (the whole time we were never standing inside the customer service area we were just standing infront of it outside of the rope) as we stood there waiting for Alex's walleye he continuesly stared at us with a huge smirk on his face, we ignored him. Elizabeth purposely took forever, about 5 minutes later if not more she came back out with our wallet and says "this was brought to me by a vender so anything missing we are not responsible for" we then said "thank u have a good night" and walked away she replied "have a good night" and then in a lower voice said "***" we both ignored it and left this location without the items we originally came for.

I thought I would be able to move on but this experience at my local Walmart was so unquestionably horrendous it was traumatizing.i felt and still feel extremely disrespected not only as a customer but as a human being, I have never been treated as such or gained up on by any manger or employee anywhere and am very unsatisfied with the service and disrespect we recieved! She absolutely gave no ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work at this location and i know exactly who you are talking about! Trust me when i say she is not very liked at work either.


So you and your bf act like idiots, call employees names, then get angry when that attitude is given right back to you?

You and your trashy bf sound like a nightmare, I'm sure they'll be happy to never see you again.

to Anonymous #1436278

no, you would know that if you could read ;) troll

to Anonymous #1436285

Actually i work with Elizabeth and she is a total *** *** and has many confrontations with customers, they are not the first.


Either this is a troll or someone who is just trying to get another employee in trouble. I mean what babysitter leaves children at home while she and her boyfriend argue with people at Walmart for an hour or so. Can we say gross negligence?

to Mper1327 #1435815

Actually everything i typed is true, the baby was waiting at home for me with her mother, also i was not arguing with "people at Walmart" i was dealing with an employee who had our wallet, i was not going to leave without it. There for your opinion is pointless. Either you are very in denial, mal informed or you just cant read.

to Daisysauc #1436279

i know what you mean, i had a similar experience at this exact location, most of the employees at night are {{Redacted}}.


This complaint is too long to read.

to Anonymous #1435816

then don't read it haha


When you gab on a cell phone in public there can be, and definitely is, no expectation of privacy. This is not rocket science.

to h.kitchener #1435819

It does not matter. that does not makeup for her behavior. but you already know that right,Its not rocket science.

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