my family and several friends frequent this walmart on a VERY regular basis. My parents, as well as myself require regular use of a pharmacy and had decided to make the switch to walmart.

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Our medicines are NEVER ready when you are told they will be. It happened again today. I just had massive surgery on my face and jaw line, and I had my meds dropped off right when they opened.

Its now three hours later, and though the woman at the pharmacy said no later than 11am.. I still do not have my antibitotics or pain medication. Even worse, is that when you complain, even in a completely tactful way, they all scowl at you and talk to you like its your fault. Its always excuse after excuse...oh we are short handed, or theres a lot of patients today.

Well...then why the *** would you claim the medication would be ready by 11??? Thats thier fault, not mine. The woman who refuses to wear a name tag, she has a *** arm band tattoo on her upper arm, is the rudest of all them . My mom and I are both sure she was a ex *** and thats where her nasty ghetto attitude arises.

Then, should you choose to complain, they decide you can wait EVEN LONGER since you pissed them off. I am complaining again and again to corporate with ABSOLUTLY NO RESOLUTION IN SIGHT!!

Avoid this walmart pharmacy by any means. You will regret it if you choose to get your meds here.

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While we are on the assuming stage, she probably beats her mother and sells the medication on the streets to druggies to get them high instead of using the medication as it is meant to be used.


oh so she's an ex *** just because she has a tattoo and gave you an attitude because you gave an attitude? then I guess you kidnap children. it's fun to assume things, isn't it?


So when you don't get your way you resort to name calling and sterotyping. No wonder why they hate you.

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