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My experiences at Wal-Mart have never been good, ever since they made them super stores. I loved shopping there when it was regular retailer.

Now they are money hungry and care nothing about the customers. They sell junk to poor people so they have to buy more, they sell rejects that should not be sold, out dated food or just damaged and don't know until you get home. I've sent pictures to get printed for 3 days in a row and I have yet to receive the pictures. They were submitted for printing, but can't find them.

Their policy on returns just is awful. No questions asked my foot. Fruits and vegetables go bad after 2 days. Old stuff.

Now they want to blame Mr. Trump for the tax on export, because their profit margin just took a hit. Because everything they sell is a import and junk. And for my friends that lost their jobs right before retirement.

So they don't have to pay out. Awful Employer also. I do not and will never shop at Wal-Mart again. I drive past 7 Wal-Marts to go to a retailer that cares.

Gift cards, I donate to the poor. VETO WAL-MART

Reason of review: All the above..

I didn't like: Vvery dissatified.

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Do not buy straight talk at walmart. Anyone that buys st will be sorry.

No help from not customer service. The company and Wal-Mart will not do anything for the customer...

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