Springdale, Arkansas
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I often use the self checkouts when I don't feel like being sociable(plus they are fun)and I usually have a good experience on them. Today it seemed like every *** who didn't know how to use the self checkout was in every lane ahead of me.

What made matters worse is the idiotic uneducated Walmart associates didn't know what they were doing either. They didn't know how to answer their questions and they screwed up the machines more by trying to fix them. I finally had enough and I just started saying something. There was only a few open lanes with actual cashiers surprise surprise and they all seemed to be slow.

I swear it is like trying to be released from prison trying to get checked out of Walmart. Now I am a nurse and I make $80K a year and I expect something a little better when I choose to spend my money somewhere.

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You were released from prison? Wow, and a nurse. Good job.


What are you doing using the self check out? It's bad enough that WalMart gets away with selling us all that Chinese garbage that they only pay pennies for.

Using that self check out just cost someone the ability to get one of the sub- standard jobs Walmrt provides. I wouldn't work for them but there was a point in my life that I gladly would have.

When you have nothing a bad job is better than no job. I know there are some folks that could use it.


You sound like a bitter old woman. Also you like going to check outs because they are fun.

Exactly how old are you? 5?

Are you the same nurse that abuses her children and is racist against blacks?

There was a while back reviews from a registered nurse who thought she was better than everyone else. She thought because she made 80k a year(same as you do) that she can treat other people badly, cut in line ect.


You failed to mention what she said that was racist.


shop somewhere else if you don't like it, and don't be so quick to judge people.


You again, maybe it is your attitude that causes you problems at Walmart. Could it be because you roam around with your nose in the air?


OOOOOHHHHH! 80 grand a year!

Aren't you special! Everyone should kiss your ***


Not you again...Find something more productive to do with your life instead of trolling this site.


And your income means what ... If u make so much money why are you shopping at Walmart with.

The poor people. Who don't deserve what you do