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ery very un professional behavior i witness from no one but Manager of this store!!Her name is Michele and she is a manager of Manville, NJ store.

I went there to buy few stuff and had few coupons for cereals they flat refused me to accept the coupon. I was like why can't you??? I was having conversation with cashier and i saw manager mocking and silently telling her not to accept the coupon behind my back !! IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR !!!!

Not only that, according to them. The reason I could not use my coupon was because it was not for the right size package. They did not have the size of a package on the coupon so I told them they had to accept this one. I told them I would not leave until they accepted my coupon as it is not my fault they did not have the correct packaging. I did not care if I was holding up the line. I wanted to use those coupons. I was told to get out of line or they would call security. I told the security the same thing and he told me if I did not get out of line he would call the police. I left the line not before giving the finger and sticking out my tongue to the cashier, manager and security guard.

Feel very disrespected !

Is this how a customer is treated ??Is this what i should expect from Manager of this walmart???

Yeah I wrote this before, and I forgot to sign into my account. If anyone has negative comments on this the can go kill themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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From what I gather, you were not very professional as well. Coupons have to match product or it will not be reimbursed.

It does not matter if the coupon was for 50 cents or 2 bucks, if everyone would follow these simple rules, then they would not have to place stricter ones.

90% who complain, continue to shop there. If your not happy, go elsewhere!


I left the line not before giving the finger and sticking out my tongue to the cashier, manager and security guard.

Such an adult you are. Coupons WILL NOT go through the system if they are for the wrong size product.

It is AUTOMATED. The cashier isn't going to risk losing her job to save a rude baby like you 20 cents.


Oh my lord how many times are you going to *** and moan about this?

The coupon was wrong therefor it could not be honored...pull up your adult pants and get over it already! Learn to read coupons before you use them!