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I have been shopping at the East Syracuse Walmart since it became a super center. There is never any organization there, they don’t carry a lot of things and the customer service is mostly awful. I have complained on many occasions enough to have the managers number in my cell. They have implemented this policy that they have someone at the door checking receipts like it is a membership club when you leave the checkout with your shopping bags full of groceries. Today I was there with my daughter it was not busy we checked out while two checkers were right there watching everything. When we get to the door with my receipt in hand the women grabbed the receipt and said I need to see this. I was embarrassed for myself and my daughter. I asked what do you need it for and she pointed to a $6 plastic container in my cart.

I spend a lot of money at Walmart and and I don’t appreciate being treated like a criminal on my way out. I wasn’t buying some big TV it was a cart of groceries & $6 worth of plastic! If this is their way of saying Happy Holidays I think I’ll pass.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am sure if you complain so many times they regret you going to the store. I do have to agree with your reply to your post though.

They made a big deal over your daughter shoplifting. They did the same to me when I was that age. I was not even stealing.

I forgot that I had the items with me and they accused me and my friends of stealing. It was not even 50 dollars so either it was because we stole 50 in total or because before this this retarded eight year old got in our way so we poured bleach on him and sprayed his eyes with air freshener


PS I also feel that in this store once a criminal, always a criminal. They remember from seven months ago when my daughter was caught stealing stickers from the store.

I have a feeling this is why I was discriminated against. But the six dollars worth of plastic was not something a 11 year old would steal so why treat me like a criminal. Besides children don't use the best judgement all the time. They also told me that they were watching her several times.

Why did they not tell me the first time she was stealing. I could have dealt with it then and there, instead they treated an eleven year old like a criminal.


I don't think that your daughter's theft of the stickers have anything to do with them checking the receipt. The greeter doing this probably did not even know about that incident.

I think it has to do with you having the plastic unbagged. As for your daughter yeah, children don't use the best of judgement, however it is the parents job to make sure they learn from their mistakes instead of making excuses. I think before they caught your daughter they had to have 100 percent proof on camera or you would say how they were falsely accusing your perfect angel of theft. Also why did they even bother for stickers, they cost less than $50.

From what I heard Walmart does not bother with shoplifters unless the items total $50.

Unless they waited for her to steal $50 worth of merchandise. Either way your daughter's stealing is was a problem unrelated to what happened in this review.