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I had an episode there about 3 weeks ago with a wet floor sign. They really should warn people about wet floors.

I was shopping for my job when suddenly I slipped and could have had a possible concussion. Thank GOD I was okay. Next thing I knew, I was in the ambulence car. I was taken to the nearest hospital.

These imbecilic bastards had the nerve to call me the next day and tell me, "People fall all the time", this should be nothing", in a monotonous voice.

Not only are these people rude but they are careless. I urge not to go there for your onwn safety.

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Orange, California, United States #903869

Also you are the one that does not know how to watch where you are walking and they are the imbecilic bastards?

Orange, California, United States #903868

You are the one that slipped and you are saying they are careless, that after there were wet floor signs? Next time hold mommy's hand and do not run around the store.

Yeah people fall all the time, mostly it is adults who are not careful of where they are walking and sometimes because like in your case children running around and not holding mommy's hand.

I urge you wherever you shop, whether it is Kmart, Walmart, Toys are US. Hold mommy's hand.

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