Yesterday I had to worst walmart experience ever at check out.the cashier had the worst customer service I have experienced in my life !!!!!!!!!

I enjoy couponing and she denied several of my coupons with the addition of her snotty attitude and comments arguing with me . she scanned my coupons not even making an effort to even try to make them work and then she denied them. so later that evening I came back to reuse the coupons to see if it will work with a different cashier and it did. another coupon she scanned that grind my gears is that she told me a coupon didn't scan and indeed it did go though (i heard it beep) and i have the receipt to prove it, so after scanning the coupon, she then voided it and told me it doesnt work.

it if only her attitude wasn't bitter and argumentative I would have a better customer experience.

i also posted the top of the receipt which shows the identification of the store (ST#), the cashier operator (OP#), terminal or aisle number (TE#) and transaction number (TR#).so you can find this mean old lady and teach her customer service correctly !!!!!!

Review about: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $10.


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Central Falls, Rhode Island, United States #1232722

Was wondering...the actual "ID#" required to enter their so called contest is supposed to be in the upper left hand corner and the pic you have submitted does not show any "ID#". I have found my last 49 purchases from walmart to not have the id # and thereby the contest is not really available because no ID# can be input. Specifically ID # and none of the other numbers you have mentioned.

Santa Ana, California, United States #1182559

You did nothing wrong.You're beating them at their own game.

If you are ever treated so poorly by a minimum wage junkie who thinks they are better than you, make a fuss. Demand a manager. The *** at Walmart generally only have a few registers open at all times. Be respectful but firm with the manager.

Demand to be treated better. If they continue to not do their job to make the coupons work, request another manager. If you continue to have issues with them, call the 1-800 corporate headquarters. This will immediately be beneficial for you.

Whenever the home office is called by a customer, they know you mean business and will do EVERYTHING NECESSARY to make it right for you. WALMART works for you. Not the other way around.

They owe you for shopping with their horrid company.You're doing them a favor.

to Anon #1199850

Good god get off your high horse.You think you're special or better than anyone else you're not.

Only a self- entitled spoiled brat. Grow up no one owes you anything.

Walmart would not miss you as a customer.To make a dent you would have to get thousands of people to stop shopping there.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1236678

Even that won't make a dent.


Why can't you just f*** shop like the rest of us?The sales are listed on the shelf, DIRECTLY under what you're buying.

You don't need a coupon.The line is long enough at Walmart...I think you might be the problem, Anonymous Crazy Coupon Lady.


A beep doesn't mean the coupon was accepted.A lot of times it will beep and have $$ symbols to show that there was something wrong and the money wasn't taken off.

Sometimes the system will also take the coupon amount off and then immediately void the coupon.

Unfornately your problems were the registers fault not your cashier doing it all in a conspiracy against you.Sometimes it's hard to explain to a customer what is wrong with the register and perhaps your cashier didn't go about explaining it correctly.


I also coupon.Couponing takes a lot of time , effort and planing.

I too have had problems using coupons at Wal-Mart.it's frustrating when you pay for the newspapers to get and be able to use these coupons and follow the guides only to be told NO

Augusta, Georgia, United States #928986

When something like that happens ..Request to speak with a Manager or CSM (Customer Service Manager)

to Vannda Orange, California, United States #929179

That would be wasting time because most likely they will be told the same thing.We cannot accept the coupon it expired yesterday.

That coupon is not legit. That coupon is not for this size. That coupon is not for this brand.

Having mommy or daddy shopping with them would help in this case.Before they try to use the coupon mommy or daddy can read the big words to them, you know the words with more than two letters and tell them if the coupon is valid or not.

to KevinRichards #967946

But another cashier accepted them.. So they were right.

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