Salinas, California

I would like to report on my recent and terrible experiences in your store located in North Salinas, California (Boronda and San Juan Grade Road). I have lived at several areas in the United States and have visited Walmarts in California, Michigan, Indiana, Idaho and even in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Never in my life have I seen a Walmart ran as badly as this store in North Salinas. The store is always dirty and understocked even in the morning. Generally, it is difficult to find anything and get around the store because products are misplaced and spread around on the floor at many different times throughout the day. Also, this store lacks several technological advances which are common place in other stores such as automated check out lanes.

The worst problem by far though is the service. There are NEVER enough cashiers to check out the customers. It is common to have at least 4-12 people ahead of you in a single checkout lane. Almost all of the cashiers are in no hurry to check you out either. Just tonight someone walked away from the checkout lane for almost 5 minutes in order to find another cashier while 10 different groups of customers were waiting in her lane. When we finally were able to check out and left the cashier we walked slowly to the exit, where the cashier again left her lane (where she still had at least 9 other guests to check out) to come over and accuse my 11 month old daughter of stealing a box of headphones. To really put the cherry on top she wanted to inspect our baby and tried to touch her without our permission.

If I hadn't had to wait in line for almost 20 minutes to check out I would have complained to a manager on the spot, but my daughter was crying pretty heavily at this point so I chose to respond here. I honestly doubt the managers of the store would even care because it appears to be run so poorly.

This store is about 2 blocks from my house but in the future I will be going to either Safeway or Target on the other end of the city because I just can't handle the poor service anymore.

Former customer of the North Salinas Walmart,


  • poor serivce
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