Oviedo, Florida
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If you want to be terrorized by demons shop at this craphole walmart. Sometimes it's ok and sometimes it's really bad. Today was the worst. This is the neighborhood market Walmart in Oviedo fl 32765 on mcculloch rd and alafaya

This is a horrible Walmart. If you're in any way attractive or stand out literally the freaks that work here will make u suffer while shopping. I just got back from here and it was stock piled with these worthless freak employees. Can't tell you how many of these psychos tried to bother me walk into me get in my space or do crazy things to annoy me. Walmart is really *** on earth. The store itself is good but the crazies that work there are freaks from another planet.

Finally after dodging these jailbird weirdos and rednecks or freaks I went to check out. The spic female at the self check out intensely stared at me the entire ten minutes. I was at checkout it was a horrible experience this horrible *** would not stop staring at me despite the fact that I looked at her and gave her dirty looks many times. It wasn't just this monkey ***. As I was checking out several other monkey loser employees walked by me slowly staring at me. Oh hey I guess I'm some kind of exhibit in white trash Walmart bc I'm attractive these drones have to Bother stare at me and harass me. What horrible twisted people.

I'm not kidding the people that work at Walmart are animals monkeys and freaks I'm wondering if they're even actual humans they are the most pathetic creatures ever

I couldn't shop there peacefully and was being stared at rudely and intensely by another psychopath loser worker that needs to be punched in the face. As I was pulling out of my car another ugly hoodrat Walmart psycho was pushing a bunch of carts towards my car. Really?? Can women shop at this hellhole without being assaulted by these nutcases that work there?? These sociopaths terrorize customers beware.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, spicy? Rednecks?


What a racist. I wouldn't trust a review from anyone with that attitude


Has anyone from Walmart contacted you about your harassing experience? I was also bullied last week and Noone from Walmart will even call me.


You were not bullied, you said your lost your receipt and they offered a gift card and you declined.


Seems to me youre just being dramatic you white trash. Go get a education you racist biggot!


There is a variety of people at Walmart, but then variety is the spice of life. If you feel so rude and judgmental you should ask yourself why do you compromise to shop there.

An attorney made a statement when I was working to adopt a child, "even plumbers have children"... In your nasty attitude, one day something may happen that one of those 'freaky' people will provide.

I have been a platlet donor for years, set up for organ donation, and am registered as a bone marrow donor. So maybe you should not stick your nose so far in the air, you may just drown in a good rain.


Take your meds please before you post. This site seems to be having issues now.


Get your meds and shut up RETARD!!!