were at w-marts after bank hours, out of state without gas, teleacheck would not ok our check. never had i had a bounce check with them and had several thousand dollars in my acct.

stated that there was alot of activity on my acct. even though i had wrote a ck in 3days. this is a bunch of ***. leaving us stranded out of state.

what the *** do they have to do with my money? I didnt give them permission to govern it.

never had they called me and ask to do this. Its not for our pertection, its so they can monitor your life

Monetary Loss: $250.

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It's "Learn proper English, OP".

If you're going to correct someone's writing, you should know better than the problem you are addressing.


It is the right of Telecheck to deny anyone's checks. That is the point of Telecheck. Why should they take a chance if your check may bounce leaving them on the hook to cover it?


Debit cards have big disadvantages, especially at gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies. Credit card is better.


Use your debit card. Plain and simple.


Telecheck does not answer to anybody and you are barking up the wrong tree. Using checks is very risky in today's banking world. Use a credit card.

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