I had a couple pair of jeans and a belt that didn't fit and I wanted to return them. Since my friend and I were heading to the mall anyway we decided to go a head and stop at the Walmart on the way there, which was not the walmart I purchased the clothing at (doesn't matter their policy says you can return at any walmart).

I gave the CSR my returns and the receipts. She picked up the pants, turned them over, stared at the belt and then asked, "There's no tags on these?" Meaning the paper tags that come attached not the clothing tags on the inside, which she never bothered to even look inside the clothing for. I told her No, I had cut them off. Then she asked me where I purchased them at.

I told her which store, not that it matter. Then she rudely told me she couldn't accept my return because there was no tags. I told her that I have returned clothes at the store without a tag before with no problem. Then she adds insult to injury buy stating that she can't accept it because she cannot prove that what is on the receipt is what I'm returning.

Never before in my life have I felt like someone was treating me like a criminal until that moment.

My friend and I stormed out, pissed off and then we were forced to travel 20 minutes out of our way to a walmart that DID refund my money. I will never again go to the other walmart.

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Pissed customer 314440, If this ever happens to you, USUALLY there is a tag SOMEWHERE with the same numbers as receipt. If not ask 4 Manager & call/email corporate. I HATE RETURNS @ WalMart, but America made it the MONSTER it is today!


same thing happened to me with a pair of boots I just bought at the same store 30 minutes before. I opened up the garbage in the store and parking lot to rummage for the tags I tossed, but couldnt find them.


Why didn't you walk back there to get those same jeans then? Most of the time the UPC number is on the tag that is always on the clothing.




Why are two three year old kids allowed to shop alone. I know you are three years old because only a three year old would mistake being told no as rudeness.

If you don`t want to be treated like a criminal then keep the tags. The fact that your friend stormed out of the store(in other words threw a temper tantrum like you are doing) shows the two of you are too young to be shopping without adult supervision.


Ummm I've worked at walmart before and can tell you from experience many of our guests are immature and rude. But the policy doesn't change depending one their attitude.

A return is a return. The associate should have checked the sku number on the tag of the jeans. (The one SEWN into the jeans).

Returns can be verified with a recipe that way as well (although a sku cannot tell who purchased the jeans or when, it can verify the product was sold at walmart, which was the issue in question)

I would be upset too if I tried to return a produce 100% in compliance with the return policy of the store ( not the Best conditions possibly, but within policy) and we rudely turned away!

Wouldnt you??


Love it


They also could have been new and didn't know how to make a return without tags.


In that case they shouldn't be working there if they don't know how to do their job!


50% of this problem was created by you maybe more. Any educated person knows to leave all labels on an item they may wish to return in the near future.

I can also tell by your tone that you were probably condescending and rude to the clerk. "The customer is always right." Is a very ignorant statement and normally made by someone who has never been in the shoes of the clerk. I work for a home improvement store and many customers use that idea as the core reason why they can treat me and my fellow employees like *** The customer is hardly right. They are often the one cause the problem from my experiences; they don't listen, they treat you like you're ***, they make assumptions they come into the store with out zero information and expect you to have answers for them.

:) :grin ,) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x [PRIME EXAMPLE] Customer approaches me with a key. Customer asks me to copy the key. Key says on it DO NOT DUPLICATE.

I say "I cannot make a copy of this key because it says DO NOT DUPLICATE" Customer starts YELLING AT ME. Customer starts to stomp her feet. Customer is like it's my place copy my key. "I'm like I cannot do that, it's against store policy." Customer starts to curse, stomps feet more says I was told to bring my original key in to get copied this is all your fault just copy my key.

I repeat "I cannot copy a key that says DO NOT DUPLICATE ON IT." Customer reports me to general manager. This is just one example of WHY THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. I have hundreds more.

Treat me well I will treat you well. Come into my store thinking the customer is always right and then treating me like garbage will not get you far.


Thank you for your response. I can tell you I was not rude or condescending, I was actually trying to be really nice about it. If anything the person who was trying to help me was rude. Really that is why I walked out, I was upset and I didn't want to be rude or nasty when I really should have just politely asked for a manager.

And I never once said "The customer is always right", even I , someone who has never worked in retail, know that.


If you thinking throwing a temper tantrum and storming out of the store is not rude then you don`t know the definition of rude. You mistake being told no as rude.

That is not rude. Storming out of the store because you did not get your way is rude. Telling them how to do their job is rude.

BTW for a three year old you have great spelling and grammar. Now if you can work on your behavior people will see you as wise.


I agree, the three year old girl that posted this complaint should have given the tags to a parent for safe keeping since she is too young to take care of her own things.


You can tell tone by text? Wow , you really are "educated" i bet if she had a better Math score in school she would have known better .


Try calling the disitrict office or higher if you think you have been wronged by any retailer. Just be upset but don't raise you voice and tell them your complaint.

The one thing store directors or manager HATE is getting an e-mail or call from someone higher up. It points out to those personnel that maybe they need to visit your store to see how it is run.

Local managers hate that. If the local managers blow you off go higher it usually works in most cases.


I just don't know where stores get their employees anymore. They are not trained to be courteous.

Anyone knows the customer is always right.

My mother worked in retail 60 years ago and at least taught me that. If they do not treat their customers right they will lose repeat business plus the best advertising of all "Word of mouth."


I have learned something about returning items. Especially if there is a long line (which there ususally is at walmart) ask for the store manager.

Usually they don't want to hold up the lines so they will take the items back. The other way is to go to a different walmart as you are sure to find someone at one of them who will do the return for you.


guess what? you're a ***.

just calm down and learn to keep the tags. I'm sure she would have at least worked with you if you had kept the tags.

it's not like she added "insult to injury" she was just doing her job. obviously, the other Walmart wasn't doing their job right if they accepted a suspicous return from a loser like you.


Actually she WAS NOT doing her job since she could even look at the tags on the inside of the clothing and actually she went AGAINST wal-mart's return policy. The other walmart said so and so did the Manager at that store who called me and apologized that her employer didn't do her job. Obviously you don't know how to read.