Bought this steam mop I have had it about a year I have only used it about 4 times went to mop the floor on Christmas Day before my company and the thing would not work very disappointed in your product it seems like things break when the warranty runs out don’t know who else makes these mops will find out and buy another brand I always thought shark was the best boy was I wrong will not buy another one you should take these thing off the market they are costly it’s like you have to buy one every year I have had a Dyson sweeper for 15 years never had a problem if they made a mop I would buy it shame on your company

Reason of review: Product no good.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I have a shark steam mop too and one day it wouldn't work. Come to find out there's a hose in the body that takes the water after it's pressurized as steam and delivers it to the mop head....

That hose pops and breaks FREQUENTLY.

The sad part? Shark won't sell you a replacement hose! They want you to buy a whole NEW unit! I even asked their customer service reps over the phone once - would they buy a whole new car because a radiator hose bursted?

No? Well that's what they're expecting customers to do - chunk perfectly good products all over a water line that anyone with a screwdriver can change!

They won't even let you send the unit in for them to change it either....

You send it in and they'll want you to buy a whole new one (but oh they'll give you a 10$ discount!).


New replacement water hose from local home supply store.... good as new!


What does this have to do with Walmart?

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